» » Lon Bender, Wylie Stateman - The Premiere Edition 01

Lon Bender, Wylie Stateman - The Premiere Edition 01

Lon Bender, Wylie Stateman - The Premiere Edition 01
Performer: Lon Bender, Wylie Stateman
Title: The Premiere Edition 01
MP3 album size: 1755 mb
FLAC album size: 2073 mb
Style: Special Effects, Movie Effects, Spoken Word
Country: US
Released: 1990
Catalog number: PE01, PE02, PE03, PE04, PE05, PE06, PE07, PE08, PE09, PE10, PE11, PE12, PE13, PE14, PE15, PE16, PE17, PE18, PE19, PE20
Label: The Hollywood Edge


1Heavy Screen Door Open With Latch And Close With Air Hiss And A Rattle.0:09
2Swish 24, Single.0:01
3Helicopter Start And Idle, Close Perspective: High-pitched Ascending Whine, Then Blade Thwop As It Reaches Speed.2:00
4Cough; Male, Close Perspective.0:01
5Ar-15 Full Automatic Rifle, Multiple Shots.0:14
6Lincoln Town Car: Long In Medium Speed And Stop With Small Dirt Skid, Close Perspective. Idle With Big Single Revs, Quick Revs And Out With Short Dirt Skid. Long Away Slow With Puffing Engine.1:04
71987 Chevrolet Corsica: Long In Medium Fast Close Perspective Smooth Stop, Idle, And Off With Engine Wind-down.0:46
8Bullet Bounces Off From Heavy Metal Plate 3.0:02
9Cocktail Party: 50 Busy Mixed Adult Voices Chatting Happily With No Movement; Close To Distant Perspective.0:59
10Large Interior Crowd ( Auditorium ) . Applause Only.0:35
11Liquid Pouring Over Ice Into Glass, Swish Cubes In Glass, And Continue Pouring.0:07
12Lincoln Town Car: Performing Maneuvers On Gritty Asphalt Or Dirt With Fast Aways, Peel Outs, Tire Squeals, Skids, And Swerves.0:35
13Telephone Rings, Bell-type Ring 1, Standard.0:31
14Baby Feeding, With Breathing And Grunts.0:48
15[special Mix] Five Various Wood And Aluminum Bats Hitting A Baseball With Bat Swishes.0:13
16Ski Slide Around In Snow 1.0:08
17Multi-pitched, Oscillating Buzzes: Low-pitched Buzz With Varying Higher-pitched Buzz.0:10
18Cow; Moos, Three Times, Close Perspective.0:07
19Giggling; Two Children, Close Perspective.0:07
20Drip, Single, Falls Into Liquid 2.0:01
21Wood Creaks, Very Close Perspective Rocking Chair Creaks. Great Creaking Bridge Sound.0:23
22Sneeze 2; Very Wet, Could Play For Nose Blow.0:01
23Power Yacht 4: Cruise Steady, Front Of Boat Perspective, With Bow Wash.2:12
24Futzed Busy Signal 1.0:27
25Crash [special Mix] 4: Metal Impact With Scrapes And Squeaks ( No Glass ) .0:03
26Various Tennis Shoe Squeaks On Court.0:08
27Synth Energy Zap 6: Single Burst. Slower And Lower Pitched Than Fx 58.0:02
28Belch 7; Long, Disgusting Burp, Close Perspective.0:01
29Hospital P.a. Announcement Doctor Cravitz, You Have A Visitor In The Main Lobby....0:06
30Synth Energy Zaps 8: Triple Burst. Higher Pitched Than Fx 60.0:02
31Swish 12, Single.0:01
32Black Powder Musket 6, Single Shot. Powerful With Heavier Powder And More Ring Off Than Fx 22.0:06
33Shower Running 1: Gymnasium Shower Room. Shower Is Running Very Lightly With Water Running Down The Drain. Faint Voices Distant Perspective; Reverberant.0:30
34Bullet Impact Sweetener 6, Into Flesh.0:01
35Bottle Rocket 5: Piccolo Whistle And Burst.0:04
36Bullet Ricochet Off Hard Surface 9.0:02
37Ar-15 Automatic Rifle 1: Single Shot With Bullet Shell Eject Onto Grass.0:04
38Rapid Mid-range Electronic Beeps.0:06
39Sighs, Heavy; Exhales, Close Perspective.0:07
40Gusts; Medium Wind Blowing Leaves And Dirt, Die Down To Long Quiet Periods. More Calm Than Track 2003-26.2:13
41Bullet Ricochet Off Dirt 8.0:02
42Explosion 1: Medium Sized, Sharp.0:04
43 PE-16 - Household
44Large Group Of Kids On Playground: Basketball Playing In Background With Cheers, Yells Footsteps Running And Distant Traffic. Close To Distant Perspective.2:13
45Large Older Office Or Newsroom: Busy Voices Manual Typewriter, Old Type Desk Phones Ring General Background Movement, Tiled Room, Close To Distant Perspective.3:07
46Moans And Groans; Sexy Female Moans, Groans And Deep Breathing, Close Perspective.0:50
47Train Through Tunnel Medium Speed, Exterior Side Of Train Perspective.1:46
48Bird, Hawk; Single Call, Close Perspective, Very Short 2.0:01
49Huge Interior Crowd Applause, With Laughter And Cheers In A Large Auditorium. More Active Applause Than Fx 7.0:20
50Pay Phone Receiver Hang-up 2.0:01
51Turn Signal On And Off: Volkswagen Gti, Close Perspective. Big Metal Clicks, Then Softer Rhythmic Clicks.0:13
52Pile Driver 2: Start Up Then Rhythmic Impacts. Close Perspective With Slapback Echo Off Of Buildings.1:50
53Sword Shing 1: Sword Edges Run Against Each Other.0:03
54 PE-05 - Rain & Thunder, Fire, Bubbles
55Explosion 3: Medium Sized, Boomy.0:04
56Baby Sucking Pacifier.0:03
57Medium Crowd Reacts Disappointed: Ooh! .0:05
58Pottery Drop And Break.0:04
59Fire; Medium Wood, With Roar, Hiss, Crackle And Light Pops.3:00
60Push Bar Door Open In Reverberant Hall 3: Abrupt.0:03
61Old Freezer Door Opens And Closes, With Metal Latch.0:05
62Bowling Pins Are Knocked Down, Close Perspective.0:03
63Car Door Open And Close 3: Lincoln Town Car Close Perspective. More Gentle Than Fx 54.0:09
64High Voltage Electrical Sizzle, Steady.0:31
65Swarm Of Flies, Close Perspective; Very Active.0:18
661986 4-cylinder Sports Car: Short Idle Accelerate To High Rpm Variable Steady. Sudden Deceleration With Backfires, Slow To Idle. Light Brake Squeak With Stop.1:44
67Phone Receiver Pick-up 2.0:01
68Crash [special Mix] 3: Metal Impact With Scrapes ( No Glass ) .0:03
69Synth Spaceship By 1: Fast, With Action Panning Right To Left.0:01
70Loudspeaker Truck In And By With Mexican Man's Voice On Megaphone, Echoing Off Buildings.0:26
71Pig; Squeals And Grunts, Medium Perspective.0:11
72Volkswagen Bug, Interior: Start, Reverse, Stop, Accelerate To 45 Mph Steady, Then Slow To Stop, Continue Similar City Driving.2:30
73Bird, Crow; Caws, Close Perspective.0:04
74Futzed Bell-type Telephone Ring 2.0:32
75Ice Swirling In Full Glass Of Liquid.0:19
76Grunt 9; Male, Strained Effort Or Punch Reaction, Close Perspective.0:01
77Soda Pouring Into Empty Glass, With Fizz 1.0:18
78Baby Cries In Hospital Nursery.0:12
79Jet, Large, By: Jet Long In And By Close, Right To Left, Then Long Away.0:28
80F-111 Fighter-bomber Plane In And By With Big Roar On Away.0:31
81Drip, Single, Falls Into Liquid 4.0:01
82Rotary Phone Dial 6.0:02
83Double Sword Hits.0:02
84Inflating Small Balloon.0:05
85Reverse Ricochet 4: Two Short, Strange High Speed Bys; The Second One Is Higher-pitched Than The First.0:09
86Two Large Flash Bulbs, Low And Mid-range Pops Wit Slight Crackle, Quicker Than Fx 74. Can Be Used For Bug Squish.0:02
87Car Horn Honk: Medium-pitched With Various Lengths.0:13
88Ski In, And Jump On Snow.0:04
89Punch, Body Hit 4: With Sharp Thud.0:01
90School Bell: Long Ring, Exterior, Close Perspective.0:14
91Wooden Bed Creaks.0:49
92Grunt 12; Male, Strained Effort Or Punch Reaction, Close Perspective.0:01
93Bubbles; Cauldron Of Liquid.0:30
94Jogging In Snow, Crunchy Footsteps.0:25
95Grunt 1; Male, Soft, Interior Perspective.0:01
96Rain; Splatty, Falls With Some Swells On A Tin Roof.2:56
97Ski Slide Around In Snow 2.0:04
98Phone Receiver Hang-up, With Bell Ring.0:02
99Futzed Operator Message: We're Sorry, Your Call Cannot Be Completed As Dialed....0:08
100Large Interior Audience Reactions, Laughing And Chuckling. Heavier Reaction Than Fx 20.0:04
101F-15 Fighter Plane Maneuvers Medium To Distant Perspective.0:46
102Ski Chair Lift 1: Motor Constant With Squeaking.1:41
103Worming A Cannon.0:06
104 PE-06 - Planes & Trains
105Baby Laughs, Various, Short.0:16
106Glass Ding 2, Crystal Champagne Flute Toast.0:03
107Single Dead Sword Hit, With No Ring Out.0:01
108Ice Creaks And Groans, Some Natural Reverb, Good For Wood And Floor Creaks.0:07
109Fire; Medium Wood, With Roar, Hiss, Crackle, Pops And The Sound Of Sap Whining Or Burning.3:00
110V-8 Car, Large: Medium Short In, By, Then Medium Short Out.0:15
111Assembly Line Ambience: Close Perspective Machinery Hum With Medium To Distant Voices, Air Hisses, Metal Movement And Change In Machinery Noise.1:39
112.357 Magnum Pistol Shot 2: Medium Perspective. More Ring Off Than Fx 28.0:04
113Wooden Bat Hits Baseball With Natural Decay 1.0:02
114Bullet Impact Through Glass With Debris 3.0:02
115Motorized Shop Tool, Shaper: Turn On, Steady With Intermittent Whines, Off With Short Wind Down.1:32
116Sniff 2; Close Inhale Through Nose, Longer Than 1.0:01
1179mm Uzi 2: Single Shot With Debris Fall. Lower Pitched Than Fx 55.0:02
118Giggling; Boy, Close Perspective.0:20
119Keys Into And Out Of Ignition.0:04
120Belch 4; High-pitched And Short, Close Perspective.0:01
121Two Single Body Falls On Bed.0:05
122Single Body Fall Onto Concrete.0:01
123Bowling Ball Retrieval Machine, Close Perspective.1:01
124Grunt 3; Male, Strained Effort Or Punch Reaction, Close Perspective.0:01
125Prison Or Hospital Visiting Area: Large Crowd Mixed Voices With Crying Babies And Kids Yelling; Medium Distant Perspective.2:12
126Synth Gun Ricochet, Multi-pitched, 2.0:05
127Wood, Single Piece Falls Onto Hard Surface.0:01
128Bottle Rocket 3: Piccolo Whistle And Burst.0:04
129Telephone Rings, Electronic Dual Tone Princess Phone Ring.0:26
130Crash [special Mix] 1: Metal Impact And Slight Shatter ( No Glass ) .0:02
131Large Interior Crowd Applause Of About 50-100 People, With Cheers And Whistles.0:55
132Swish 20, Multiple Swish, Very Fast.0:02
133Sniff 1; Close Inhale Through Nose.0:01
134Pistol Dry Fire, Single.0:01
135Swish 7, Single.0:01
136Wooden Bat Hits Baseball With Natural Decay 2.0:02
137( Continued From Fx 07 ) 1986 4-cylinder Sports Car: Fast Accelerate In First Gear To High Rpm Then Fast Decelerate To Idle.0:23
138Train Crossing Bell: Two Bells Ringing At The Same Time With Different Pitch And Speed, Medium Close Perspective.1:00
139High-pitched Desk Bell Rings 2x With Ring-off Close Perspective.0:06
140Jungle Ambience [special Mix]: Exotic Bird Background With Calls, Monkey Screams, And Insects; Very Active.4:00
141Police Station, Busy; Serious Toned Office With Active Movement, Voices, Old Type Desk Phones Ring; Medium Distant Perspective.1:48
142Train By, Close Perspective: Slowly, Left To Right.3:13
143Lion Cubs, Two; Small Growls, Close Perspective.0:34
144Car Alarm: Rapid, High-pitched Whooper Siren Steady, With Single Horn Honks, Close Perspective.0:31
14522 Caliber Rifle Shot, Medium Perspective.0:02
14622 Caliber Pistol Shot 1: Close Perspective.0:02
147Ferry Boat 1: Cruise Steady, With Low Level Water Splashes.1:17
148Jackhammer 2: On Bridge Above With Deep Knocking Vibrations. Medium Perspective.1:34
149Wooden Gate Slowly Creaks Open And Close.0:11
150Bone Break 2.0:01
151Synth Submarine Interior; Reverberant, Very Low Frequency Rumble.0:43
152Bottle Rocket 2: Piccolo Whistle And Burst.0:04
153Audience Reactions, 100 Men Laugh With Some Claps Interior Large Hall, Reverberant.0:09
154Bubbles; Loud Gum Chews With Bubble Blow.0:06
155Push Bar Door Open In Reverberant Hall 4: With Slight Rattle.0:03
156Wood Door 4: Open And Close With Squeak.0:06
1578 Gauge Shotgun: Single Blast With Ring Off.0:03
158Single Cricket, Sporadic Chirps; Close Perspective. [note This Effect Has A Lot Of Out Of Phase In It.].1:15
159Power Yacht 1: Variable Steady, Few Accelerations And Decelerations With Slight Bow Wash. Large Twin.1:28
160Fast Chamber Spin.0:01
161Car Crash, Small 3; Metal Impact With Shatter Debris Fall And Ring Off.0:04
162Canning Machine Steady Chug With Metal Edge.2:37
163Night Ambience 3: Light And Calm Mid-range Crickets Rhythmic Chirps, Close To Distant Perspective. [note: This Effect Has A Lot Of Out Of Phase In It.].1:41
164Huey Helicopter, Interior Perspective: Stop And Engine Wind Down, With One Loud Beep.1:11
165Insert Magazine Into Ak-47.0:04
166River, Small 2: Babbling Drips Close Perspective, With Smooth Running Roar In Background.3:28
167Chain Saw, Construction Site Ambience 4: Medium Perspective Chain Saw With Engine Idle Nearby.0:23
168Throw Bowling Ball, With Roll Down Alley And Hit Pins 4.0:05
169Lion; Growls, Close Perspective.0:12
170Large Industrial Grinder: Two Long Runs.0:15
171Rifle Shot With Echo.0:03
172Heavy Wind Steady With High-pitched Whistling And Low Rumbling Gusts.1:00
173Car Window Up And Down, Electric: Interior Close Perspective.0:29
174Large Synth Motor Rapidly Oscillating: Rhythmic Low Frequency With Sporadic High Frequency Tones.0:18
175Electricity Arcing 2: Steady Sparking Changes To Pulsating Zaps.0:58
176Crash [special Mix] 16: Huge, Exaggerated Train And Car Collision With Extended Glass Shatters, Wide Perspective.0:09
177Object Being Dropped And Smashed On Hard Surface.0:01
178Drips, Heavy And Splatty, Fall Onto Hard Surface.0:59
179Large Splash Or Dive Into Water 5.0:05
180Mustang 5.0 V-8: Start Close Perspective, Long Idle, Put In Gear, Short Rev And Peel Out With Tire Squeal On Pavement. Long Away.0:44
181Ice Clinks In Glass Without Liquid 6.0:02
182Eerie Low Frequency Synth Gusts.0:03
183Racquetball Serve 1: Hard Hit With Long Reverberant Ring Out.0:04
184Wolf; Howls, Close Perspective.0:19
185Refrigerator Compressor Motor Turn On, Steady And Off.0:41
186Synth Spaceship Interior 1: Reverberant, Low Frequency Rumble.0:43
187Windshield Wipers: Bmw Exterior, Modulating Servo Whine With Light Thumps And Soft Scraping Sounds. Slow Speed, Close Perspective.0:12
188Bar Ambience: 50 People In Large Busy Bar, Mixed Happy Chatter With Glass, Dish, And Utensil Clinks; Close To Medium Perspective.1:30
189Water Plop, Single: Small Object Dropped Into Water.0:01
190Stream, Small 3: Fast, Gentle And Babbling Over Rocks.3:29
191Coughing Fit; Male, Close Perspective.0:09
192Push Bar Door Open In Reverberant Hall 1: Strong Push, Classic.0:02
193Department Store Ambience, Light Activity: People Mill Around And Talk With General Movement, Store Bell Dings; Close To Distant Perspective.2:39
194Ice Clinks In Glass Without Liquid 2.0:01
195Three Golf Swings With Impacts.0:05
196Medium Interior Crowd With Boos, Hisses And Very Few Light Claps.0:14
197Hand-held Saw 1: Grinding Back And Forth Motion Through Wood. Close Perspective.0:18
198Wood Door 7: Open And Close.0:04
199Swish 13, Single.0:01
200River, Medium 2: Fast Running With Roar.2:13
201Swish 11, Double Swish.0:02
202Crash [special Mix] 6: Metal Impact And Glass Shatter.0:03
203Baby Whining Short Cries, With Snorts.0:49
204Small Flash Bulb, Thin Click And Sizzle.0:03
205Bullet Impact Into Dirt.0:03
206Shoveling Dirt: Light Layer Scrapes On Asphalt.0:36
207Fishing Pole, Reel In Line, Various Speeds.0:30
208Train, Exterior Perspective: Steady, With Constant Rail Clicks And Metal Rattles, Medium Distant Train Horn Blows, Bells By. Good For Top Of Train Perspective.3:02
209Ice Clinks In Glass Without Liquid 9.0:03
210Metal Gate Roll / Slide Close 2, With Slight Reverb.0:03
211Pigs, Several; Snorting And Squealing, Close Perspective.0:58
212Black Powder Musket 7, Single Shot. Powerful Closer Perspective Than Fx 23.0:03
213Elevator Bell Dings Soft, Medium Close Perspective.0:01
214Two Wet Car Bys, With Long Aways. Close To Medium Perspective, 30 M.p.h. Action From Left To Right.0:19
215Screams 1; Woman, Single Scream, Close Perspective.0:02
216Long Synth Zap And Whoosh With Decay.0:07
217Elevator Buzzer, Then Door Close 4.0:09
218Match Strike And Ignite 3.0:03
219Car's Dash Switches, General.0:11
220Model T Ford: In Slow, Stop, And Off. Start Close Perspective, Slow Away.0:40
221Cat; Meows, Close Perspective.0:05
222Single High-pitched Electronic Beep.0:01
223Gagging; Man Gags With Long Dry Vomit.0:07
224V-8 Car Or Truck: Smooth, Short In, By, Then Short Out.0:12
225Baby Squeals, Excited, High-pitched.0:15
226Soda Pouring Into Empty Glass, With Fizz 2.0:07
227Racquetball Court Door Opens And Closes.0:06
228Dog, Small; Yelps And Barks, Close Perspective.0:27
229Heavy Rumble Underwater 2: With Roar And Bubbles From The Deep Sea.0:41
230Eerie Synth Tone Rising And Falling In Pitch And Intensity.0:09
231Motorized Shop Tool, Compressor Motor 2: Turn On, Steady Chugging Motor, And Off With Chug.0:31
232Medium Crowd Of Adults Laugh. Some Footsteps. Close To Distant Perspective.0:31
233Bull Growls, Processed; Several, Low Frequency.0:37
234Marsh Ambience: Large Bed Of High-pitched Insect Hum, Medium Close Perspective, With Light Chorus Of Frogs, Distant Perspective. Intermittent Exotic Bird Calls, Close Perspective.3:11
235Shower Running 2: Lightly.1:35
236Hamburgers Fry On Grill With Spatula Hits.0:37
237Crash [special Mix] 7: Swish Impact With Metal And Glass.0:02
238Large Exterior Crowd Applause, With Cheers, Hoots And Chants.0:46
239Object Being Squashed 3.0:01
240Light And Squeaky Old Wood Screen Door Opens And Closes With A Bounce.0:07
241Crowd Reaction, 10 People In Shock...ooh!.0:02
242Body Falls Onto Racket Ball Court, Reverberant.0:03
243Grunt 10; Male, Strained Effort Or Punch Reaction, Close Perspective.0:01
244Wood Door 5: Open With Squeak And Close With Bounce.0:05
245Rain; Heavy, On Glass Window In Roof.2:59
246Shopping Mall, Interior: Large Crowd Milling And Murmur In Middle Section Of Mall With Wide Natural Reverb; Medium Distant Perspective.2:24
247Multiple Ferry Boat Ship Horn Blasts, [note: This Effect Has A Lot Of Out Of Phase Signal In It].0:13
248Crash [special Mix] 14: Huge Impact With Long Metal Scrapes, Small Glass Roll Sounds.0:07
249Power Yacht 5: Away, Then Turn Back, And By. Very Long In And Away, With Wake Splashes On Dock.1:42
250Cats, Two; Meowing, Close Perspective.0:10
251Ax Impact Into Wood 1.0:02
252Juicy Impact 7.0:01
253Swish 19, Multiple Swish, Very Fast.0:01
254Air Tool Ratchet Whir With Tool Movement And Metal Clinks.0:22
255Rotary Pay Phone Dialing Generic Phone Number.0:21
256Car Alarm: Rapid, High-pitched Whooper Siren Steady, Without Honks, Close Perspective.0:13
257Huge Exterior Crowd Applause, With Boos, Cheers And Claps; Anticipatory Excitement.0:28
258Sword Shing 2: Sword Edges Run Against Each Other.0:02
259Bullet Ricochet Off Rock Surface 3.0:01
260Lincoln Town Car: In And Skid To Stop On Pavement With Tire Screech, 1.0:08
261Huge Interior Crowd Applause And Busy Voices With One Cheer Surge; Very Active.0:22
262Single Sword Hit 4: Same Pitch As Fx 27 With Ring Out.0:02
263Seven Various Baseball Mitt Impacts Without Decay.0:13
264Drip, Single, Falls Into Liquid 3.0:01
265Electric Fan 2: Turn On With Oscillations, And Off.0:51
266Cartoon Boing, Jew's Harp 1.0:02
267Ar-15 Automatic Rifle 3: Single Shot With Bullet Shell Ejects Onto Grass.0:04
268Bird, North American Forest; Song Bird Singing Close Perspective.0:03
269Slurp 4; Very Close Wet Slurp.0:01
270 PE-07 - Cars
271Wind Rumble 1: Eerie, With Ascending And Descending Low-end.0:24
272Boar, Wild; Grunts And Squeals, Medium To Close Perspective.0:16
273Hub Cap Falls On Asphalt, Rolls And Spins.0:08
274Grunt 6; Male, Strained Effort Or Punch Reaction, Close Perspective.0:01
275Large Splash Or Dive Into Water 4.0:04
276Huge Interior Crowd Applause, Begins With Laughs, Yells And Whistles. [reaction To A Joke Onstage].0:07
277Large Splash Or Dive Into Water 2.0:05
278Bar Ambience: 30 People In Small Busy Bar, Mixed Happy Chatter With Occasional Glass Clinks; Close To Medium Perspective.3:07
279Belch 8; Long, Disgusting Burp, Comical, Close Perspective.0:01
280Home Doorbell Rings 1x: Classic, High-pitched, At Close Perspective.0:02
281Bullet Bounces Off From Heavy Metal Plate 2.0:03
282Metal Door Creaks, Multiple Opens And Closes.0:21
283Whistles, Multiple, Short.0:09
284Home Doorbell Rings 2x: Classic, High-pitched, At Close Perspective.0:03
285Telephone Rings, Rapid Electronic Pulses, Soft Ring Setting.0:27
286Ak-47 Automatic Rifle 2: Single Shot. Shorter Higher Pitched And Less Reverberant Than Fx 40.0:01
287Throw Bowling Ball, With Roll Down Alley And Into Gutter.0:06
288Bird, Parrot; Various Squawks, Close Perspective.0:07
289Baseball Mitt Impacts With Natural Decay 2.0:01
290Rain; Medium, On Porch And Plants, With Distant Traffic.2:03
291Swish 29, Single.0:01
292Crash [special Mix] 2: Metal Impact With Metal Crunch And Slight Shake After ( No Glass ) .0:02
293Lawnmower Engine Steady, 9 Horsepower Wisconsin Motor, With Slow Idle.0:33
294Foot Stomps Hard On Racquetball Court Floor With Reverberant Ring Out 2.0:04
295Fire; Medium Roar And Hiss With Crackles And Pops.3:00
296Sword Or Bayonet Juicy Stab 1: Impact With Gush And Sword Turn.0:02
2971986 Toyota Celica: In Fast And Stop With Brake Squeals, Close Perspective, And Off.0:14
298Sword Twang 3: Sword Plucked With Long Ring Out.0:07
299Walking In Snow With Ski Boots On.0:21
300Gusts; Heavy, Whirling Wind With Sand Blowing.0:45
301Car, Interior: Highway Steady With Windows Partially Down. Smooth Engine, Tires Over Small Bumps In Road ( Washboard Effect ) , Wind Whoosh.2:37
302Telephone Rings, Bell-type Antique Phone 1.0:32
303Bullet Ricochet Off Metal Surface 1.0:02
304Office Machine, Fax, Receiving Document.1:07
305Medium Wind 4: Eerie Wind Gusting With A Deeper Roar Than Tracks 2001-08.1:39
306Glass Crash, Sustained Small Pieces Shatter And Drop, Close Perspective.0:04
307Construction Site Ambience 3: City, Distant Perspective. Busy With Hammers, Power Saw Lumber Movement, Dump Truck Maneuvers, Traffic Drone With A Few Honks.2:22
308Sniff 4; Three Sniffs With A Snort.0:02
309Motorized Shop Tool, Drill Press Motor: Turn On Steady Motor With Rattles.0:17
310Bird, Hawk; Single Call, Very Short, Close Perspective 1.0:01
311Swish 15, Single.0:01
312Air Tool Wrench Whir 1: 1 / 2 Impact Wrench Lower Pitch Than Fx 50.0:14
313Thunder; Rumbles And Cracks In The Distance With Light Rain Swells And Some Whirling Wind.3:50
314Synth Gun Shot And Ricochet.0:02
315Bounce On Diving Board With Ring Off.0:05
316P-51 Mustang Prop Plane Start And Sputtering Idle, Rev.0:55
317Hammer 2: Nail Into Wood, Interior Reverb. Medium Perspective.0:16
318Construction Site Ambience 2: Large Apartment Building With Generator Hum, Power Tools, Bell Beeps, Tool Movement And Brake Squeals.1:01
319Eating; Man, Interior Kitchen Close Perspective. Sloppy And Obnoxious Chewing, Lip Smacking Slurps, Belches, And Coughs.1:50
320Explosion, Large: Oil Or Gas Type, Distant Perspective.0:08
321Car Door Open And Close 5: Large, Old And Rusty Door Open With Creak And Close With Metal Rattles. Medium Weight Door.0:09
322Electrical Zaps And Arcs: 4 Short Fx Of Various Pitches And Intensities.0:11
323Rope Stretch's And Creaks With Metal Rattles And Creaks. Slow Rocking Boat.1:01
3241986 4-cylinder Sports Car: Long Deceleration From High Rpm With Down Shift. Slight Accel Then Slow To Idle With A Few Light Revs.1:19
325Multi-pitched, High Frequency Transformation Sequence: Multiple Tones And Bells Oscillate.0:31
326Crash [special Mix] 15: Car Flip And Roll In Dirt With Metal And Glass Bounces, With Dirt Slide.0:07
3271940's Prop Plane By Low Overhead Left To Right.0:20
328Heating Pipes Clanging In House.1:19
329 PE-11 - Crashes, Swishes, Impacts
330Small Piece Of Wood Cracks As It Is Broken.0:01
331Kick, Body Hit 3: With Thud.0:01
332Car Alarm: Activate And De-activate Chirps.0:11
333Synthesized Jungle Background: High Frequency Bird Beeps And Low Frequency Robot Frogs With Oscillating Bubble Type Effect.0:45
334Bullet Ricochet Off Dirt 6.0:02
335Waves 3: Medium-large Size Waves Crash And Close Out With Foam Hiss, Close Perspective.1:46
336Firecracker Explosions 1: Five Various Takes One Burst With No Fuse.0:15
337Water Trickle 1: Splashy Drops On Ground, Close Perspective, With Drizzle Background.1:55
338Slap 2.0:01
339Jet, Large, Interior Perspective: Steady Roar Near Engine.0:30
340Medium Exterior Crowd Applause Of About 30-40 People, With Cheers And Hoots.0:19
341Bullet Ricochet Off Dirt 5.0:02
342Dog, Medium; Barks, Interior, Medium Close Perspective.0:29
343Bite And Chew Apple With Close Wet Crunches, Lip Smacks And A Few Swallows.0:35
344Juicy Impact 3.0:01
345Morning Park Birds Medium Distant, With One Bird Chirping, Close Perspective; Active.2:30
346Lions, Several; Growling Softly, Medium To Close, Perspective.0:43
347 PE-09 - Guns & Ricochets, Explosions, Fireworks
348Ski In, And Fall On Snow, Close Perspective.0:04
349High-pitched Desk Bell Rings 1x With Ring-off Close Perspective.0:06
350Heavy Wind In Close Trees, Steady With A Few Big Gusts. Defined Leaf Movement.0:53
351Multiple Racquetball Racket Swishes.0:23
352Warning Buzzer, Industrial Type: Short Successive Singles, Then Long, Single Buzz, Medium Distant Perspective With Reverb.0:12
353Swimming 3: The Breast Stroke.0:52
354Telephone Rings, Old Style Bell-type Ring 1.0:27
355Coin Return Empty Slot Movement.0:02
356Juicy Impact 2.0:01
357Glass Ding 5, Crystal Champagne Flute Toast Muted.0:01
358Flanged Oscillating Tones. Similar To Fx 45, But Longer, With Rise And Fall In Frequency.0:06
359Body Falls Into Brush With Leaf Rustles.0:07
360Car Horn Beeps: High Double-pitched, From Small Car, Various Lengths.0:24
361Scream 2; Man Yell / Screams In Anger, Close Perspective. Longer Than Fx 42.0:03
362Avalanche Rumble With Rocks Rolling And Debris.1:54
363Servo Motor 5: Quick On And Off Of A Servo Motor.0:02
364Bus By 1: Bus Long In With Gear Shifts From Distant Left, And By To The Right With Long Away. Gear Shift As It Passes.0:59
365Helicopter Close Perspective: Steady Blade Thwop.0:40
366Metal Door Open And Slam Hard In Reverberant Hall.0:12
367Synth Energy Zaps 1: Tonal With A Delay.0:03
368Prison Block: Large Busy Male Crowd, Voices And Milling With Male Pager In Large Reverberant Hall; Medium Distant Perspective.1:11
369Object Being Squashed 2.0:01
370Leopard; Roars And Growls In Cage, Medium Perspective, With Movement.0:58
371Hospital Metal Food Cart, Being Wheeled Down Hallway, With Various Rattles.0:37
372Hospital Respirator.0:42
373Twin-engine Turbo-prop Plane Taxi By Right To Left.0:30
374Traffic, Wet Highway, Light To Medium Busy.3:12
375Medium Wind Gusting Mid-range With Eerie Shutter Bangs Distant.2:04
376Nose Blow, Comical 1; Short, Medium Perspective.0:01
377Body Falls Onto Wooden Floor 2, With Slight Flop.0:01
378Racquetball Serve 2: Hard Hit With Long Reverberant Ring Out.0:04
379Freight Train Close Horn Blow And Air Release. By Left To Right Very Slow With Brake Squeals Metal Stress Creaks And Squeaks.2:56
380Roulette Wheel Spinning, With Ball Dropping Into The Slot.0:12
381Belch 2; Short, Close Perspective.0:01
382Large Splash Or Dive Into Water 3.0:06
383Baby Laughs, Giggles And Sputters.0:34
384M-1 Rifle: Single Shot With Casings Drop On Cement And Movement.0:03
385Black Powder Musket 1: Single Shot.0:01
386Synth Door Opens With A Squeak; Reverberant.0:02
387Electric Toaster 1: Bread Down And Up.0:05
388Rain; Very Heavy, A Full Force Downpour.2:47
389Rain; Light, With Some Splatty Drops On Asphalt.1:54
390Grunt 8; Male, Strained Effort Or Punch Reaction, Close Perspective.0:01
391Car Crash, Small 1; Short Metal Impact, With Small Glass Shatter.0:02
392Grinding Mulch Machine: Grinding Wood Chips Into Sawdust ( Mulch ) .1:01
3939mm Uzi 1: Single Shot.0:02
394Laugh, Evil; Very Low-pitched Devil Laugh Reverberant, Close Perspective.0:14
395Amazon Jungle Ambience 1: Bird Calls Medium And Distant Perspective. Distant Insect Hum With A Few Close Flying Insect Buzzes. Single Cricket Close Perspective; Active.2:05
396Medium Wind 5: Gusting Mid-range, Could Be Eerie; Similar To Track 2003-09.2:08
397Elevator Door Ding, Then Open And Close 2.0:13
398Night Ambience 5: Large Bed Of High-pitched And Mid-range Crickets And Insects Loud Hum And Rhythmic Chirps, Medium Perspective; Active.3:26
399Heart Beat, Very Fast: 158 Beats Per Minute.3:01
400Snore 2; Close Breathing With Snorts On Inhale And Exhale.0:40
401Crash [special Mix] 8: Big Low End Impact With Medium Perspective Glass Shatter And Fall.0:03
402Saw Mill Ambience: Power Saw Cuts Logs, Engine Noise, Logs Banging Together.1:12
403Laugh; Male, Close Perspective.0:06
404Processed Air Release 1: [note: This Effect Has A Lot Of Out Of Phase Signal In It.].0:04
405Heavy Rumble Underwater 1: With Slosh And Bubbles From The Deep Sea.0:39
406Synthesized Whoosh Sweetener.0:05
407Swamp Ambience 2 [special Mix]: Light Chorus Of Frogs Croak, Distant Perspective, With Insects Lazy Chirps, Medium Distant Perspective.2:33
408Gusts; Medium Howling Wind, Eerie With Whistling.0:52
409Antique Wind-up Wall Clock Ticks.2:02
410Old Truck: Idles With Gear Grinds.0:15
411Pentatonic Wind Chimes Melodic, With Long Ring-off.0:46
4121988 V-8, Car: Idle, Close Perspective.1:46
413Bullet Ricochet Off Hard Surface 7.0:02
414Ferry Boat 2: Cruise Steady, With Low Level Water Splashes. Higher Pitched Motor Sound Than Fx 95.2:38
415Wooden Crate Is Ripped Open.0:02
416Zipper 5.0:01
417Elevator Servo Motor 2: Switches On And Off And Various Motor Speeds. Metal Cable Tension Creaks And Motor Shut Off; Reverberant.0:25
418Laugh, Short Manic Burst; Male, Close Perspective.0:02
419Country Night Ambience 1: Wide Perspective Crickets And Insects Chirp And Buzz, Medium Perspective, With A Few At Close Perspective. Busy, Squawky Frogs At Close To Medium Perspective. Very Distant2:03
420Metal Grinder: Very Long Single Run With Metallic Buzzing.0:39
421Bottle Rocket 1: Piccolo Whistle And Burst.0:04
422Drips, Water, From Wringing Out Wet Cloth.0:13
423Cats, Two; Angry Yowls During Cat Fight, Close Perspective.0:20
424Foot Stomps Hard On Racquetball Court Floor With Reverberant Ring Out 1.0:03
425Bone Break 1.0:01
426Glass Ding 1, Crystal Champagne Flute Toast.0:04
427Phone Receiver Hang-up 2.0:01
428Elevator Bell Dings Loud, Close Perspective.0:02
429Baby Vocals. [playful].1:01
430Ship Bell Dings, Close Perspective.0:12
431Ice Clinks In Glass Without Liquid 10.0:03
432Light Wind 5: Steady Through Trees, Mostly Leaf Rustle, With Busy Birds Close To Distant; Country Or Mountain Sound.1:57
433Desk Top Clock Ticks.2:00
434Wooden Cabinet Door Closes Against Wood, With A Bounce 3.0:04
435Night Ambience 1: Light, High-pitched Crickets Rhythmic Chirps And Occasional Insects Buzz Medium Close Perspective. Dogs Bark And Traffic Distant Perspective.2:02
436Metal Latch Clicks 4.0:04
437Whistling Wind; Steady, Light, With Low Roar An Gusts With Brush Movement.1:35
438Sword Or Bayonet Juicy Stab 2: Impact With Gush And Sword Turn.0:02
439Fart 8; Comical, High-pitched Squeak Like Balloon Deflating, Close Perspective.0:01
440Small Car Engine Suddenly Breaks And Begins To Rattle Loudly As It Idles, Close Perspective.0:09
441Eating Cereal Close Up. Milk Slurps And Crunchy Chewing With Some Spoon Clinks.0:49
442Bullet Impact Sweetener 8, Into Glass And Debris.0:02
443Sword Twang 2: Sword Plucked With Long Ring Out.0:11
444Swish 31, Electronic Swish.0:01
445Nose Blow, Comical 2; Longer Than Fx 57, Close Perspective.0:01
446Egg Timer With Rapid Clicks.0:30
447Federal Air Horn Siren: Long Steady With Good Tail Out.2:21
448Porsche: Start Close, Accelerate To Long Medium Speed ( 45 Mph ) Steady. Accelerate To Highway Steady ( 60 Mph ) At 1:45, Then Slow To Stop And Off.3:23
449Rattlesnake Tail Rattle 1, Close Perspective [real].0:21
4501986 4-cylinder Sports Car: Steady; Medium High Rpm.0:38
451Rotary Phone Dial O.0:02
452Refrigerator Door Opens And Closes With Latch Click.0:03
453Night Jungle Ambience 1: Unusual Bird Calls Medium And Distant Perspectives. Insect Swells Close Perspective; Very Active.1:56
454Air Brake Hiss 1: Logging Truck, Close Perspective.0:05
455Slurp 3; Very Long, Close Perspective.0:02
456Punch, Face Hit 6: Sharp Impact.0:01
457Civil War Cannon Shot With Long Ring-off And Slapback Echo.0:07
458Laugh; Female, Close Perspective.0:04
459Chamber Spins A Few Times.0:01
460Crash [special Mix] 9: Impact With Metal Crunch / Scrape And Glass Shatter.0:03
461Police Wailer Siren: By, Action Left To Right Fast, Away To Distant Perspective And Off.0:24
462Wood Floor Creaks 3.0:17
463Punch, Face Hit 5: Sharp Impact.0:01
464Swish 27, Double Swish.0:01
465Ping Pong Volley 3.0:10
466Wood Door 9: Open And Slam.0:04
467Motorized Shop Tool, Saw ( Table ) 2: Turn On Steady, And Off With Short Wind Down.0:17
468Suspension Bounces: With Creaks, Squeaks And Movement.0:46
469Bell Tower: Medium-pitched Bells Chime Conservative, Medium-paced Melody, Close Perspective.0:58
470Racquetball Volley, With Reverberant Ball Hits Some Foot Movement, And Sneaker Squeaks 1.0:19
471Metal Door Open And Slam 1.0:07
472Ski Steady 1: On Rough And Icy Snow, With Stop.0:22
473Wood Door 8: Open And Close.0:04
474Cannon Ball Whiz, Left To Right.0:03
475Juicy Impact 6.0:01
476Sponging A Cannon.0:16
477V-8 Car: Start, Medium To Close Perspective Idle With Revs, Then Away.0:28
478Metal Door Close With Slight Rattle.0:01
479Telephone Rings, Bell-type Desk Phone 1.0:16
480Racquetball Volley, With Reverberant Ball Hits Some Foot Movement, And Sneaker Squeaks 2.0:10
481Screams 1; Man, Pained, Short Yell, Close Perspective.0:01
482Jackhammer 1: Interior Or Underground, Close Perspective.0:25
483Single Piece Of Wood Falls Onto Other Pieces Of Wood 3.0:01
484Screams 4; Woman, Single Scream, Close Perspective. Followed By Gasping Breath.0:02
485Bird, Wren; Singing, Close Perspective.0:15
486Bull Whip Crack 4: Single With Swish.0:03
487Zipper 2.0:01
488Turn On Faucet, Run Water Into Sink And Fill Up With Turn Off 2.1:08
489Heavy Wind; With Sporadic Gusts And Low Howling Roar.1:39
490Two Civil War Cannons Shot With Long Ring Off.0:04
491Medium Wind 1: Steady, Heavier Gusts Than Previous, Blowing Leaves On Trees.1:29
492Spoon Clinks And Scraping Bowl, For Eating Or Serving Food, Close Perspective.0:18
493Machine Hum With Very Low Frequency.0:18
494Swish 32, Electronic Swish.0:01
495Car Window Roll Up And Down: Manual Hand Crank Style, Close Perspective.0:13
496Ice Clinks In Glass Without Liquid 1.0:01
497Large Crowd Reacts Disappointed: Oohs And Boos!.0:08
498Bull Growls, Processed; Low Frequency.0:05
499Synth Generated High Frequency, Pulsating Bubbles, Very Active.0:27
500Racy Foreign Car: Fast Accels And Decels With Downshifting, Variable Steady's.3:04
501Large Interior Audience Reactions, Laughing And Chuckling.0:04
502Heart Beat, Fluctuating.1:26
503Power Yacht 6: Away, Then Turn Back, And By. Very Long In And Away, With Wake Splashes On Dock. Shorter Approach And More Water Sounds On Dock Than Fx 93.1:46
504Gusts; Medium To Heavy, With Swirling Low-end At Times Howling.2:45
505Crash [special Mix] 13: Wood And Glass Impact With Small Glass Shatters And Some Metal Movement.0:04
506Small Wood Door Open And Slam.0:04
507Drip, Single, Falls Into Liquid 6.0:01
508Interior Freight Elevator: Two Door Elevator With Pneumatic Door In Front. Constant Smooth Motor Hum. Manual Door Slide Open With Rusty Metal Scrape, Then Close And Ride. Door Slide Open And Exit P1:03
509Coast Guard Cutter Ship1: In And By, Medium Perspective.0:44
510Wind Rumble 2: Eerie, With Ascending And Descending Low-end.1:08
511Car Tire Squeal, Short.0:02
512Wooden Cabinet Door Closes Against Wood, With Bounce 1.0:04
513Large Interior Crowd, Loud Murmur, Close To Distant Perspective.0:16
514Toilet Flush 2, Old Type.0:11
515Home Doorbell Rings 1x: Classic, Low-pitched, At Close Perspective.0:06
516Gusts; Heavy Howling And Whistling Wind With Strong Blowing Grass And Sand.1:54
517Bird, Cactus Wren; Rhythmic Chirps, Close Perspective.0:24
518Futzed Dial Tone, And Push Button Dialing Generic Phone Number.0:08
519Ski Steady 3: With Maneuvers, Movement And Stop.0:23
520Glass Ding 3, Crystal Champagne Flute Toast.0:03
521Baby Talking.0:03
522Car Trunk Open And Close: Mercedes Close Perspective.0:15
523Rain; Medium, With Distant Traffic.3:00
524Fire; Small Wood, With Roar, Hiss And Crackle.3:00
525Match Strike And Ignite 1.0:10
526Elevator Servo Motor 1: With Various Electronic Switching And Motor Whir With Speed Changes, Slow To Stop; Reverberant.1:21
527Synth Generated Helicopter Blade Malfunction.0:24
528Metal Gate Roll / Slide Close 1.0:03
529Electric Saw: Cuts Through Metal. Medium Perspective.1:11
530Very Low Frequency, Ominous, Underwater Rumble.2:20
531Bell Tower: Three Low-pitched Bell Tolls Medium Close, Slow, With Long Ring-off. Classic Clock Tower Chime.0:27
532Shower Door Slide Open And Close.0:07
533Laugh, Silly; Male, Close Perspective.0:02
534Newborn Babies Crying In Hospital Nursery.0:32
535Ski Slide To Stop In Snow.0:03
536Punch, Face Hit 4: Sharp Impact.0:01
537Cartoon Boing, Jew's Harp 2.0:03
538Huey Helicopter Steady, In Whisper Mode..0:37
539Metal Boat Slowly Rocking, With Anchor Chain Creaks And Light Movement.0:39
540Mercedes: Start Close Perspective, In Gear, And Peel Out On Pavement With Tire Squeal. Long Away.0:19
541Door Camel Bells Jingle, Close Perspective.0:04
542 PE-18 - Doors, Elevators, Creaks, & Squeaks
543Phone Receiver Pick-up 3.0:01
544Whistling Wind; Steady, Heavy, Could Be Against A Window; Sounds Cold And Coastal.1:29
545Wooden Cabinet Door Closes Against Wood, With Bounce 2.0:04
546High / Low Siren: Close Perspective 2.0:16
547Slow Multiple Hinges Creak On Closet Door. Multiple Open And Closes.0:53
548Rottweiler; Vicious Growls And Snarls, Close Perspective.0:47
549Pistol Or Rifle Shot 1: Sharp. [special Mix].0:02
550Grunt 13; Male, Strained Effort Or Punch Reaction, Close Perspective.0:01
551Telephone Rings, Old Style Bell-type Ring 2.0:36
552Sword Shing 3: Sword Edges Run Against Each Other.0:02
553Air Chisel: Harsh Pneumatic Metallic Ratchet Sound With Garage Reverb. Short And Long Bursts.0:33
554Sniff 5; Wet Sniff.0:01
555Bubbles From Underwater 1: With Mic In Oil, Steady Small Bubbles.0:18
556Modern Phone Machine Beep.0:02
557Zipper 4.0:01
558Very Low Frequency, Smooth Earthquake Rumble With Less Stereo Motion Than Trk. 46.2:00
559Telephone Rings, Bell-type Antique Phone 2. One Long Ring.0:14
560 PE-02 - Animals
561Card Shuffle 1: Cards Being Shuffled.0:06
562Polaroid Camera Ejecting Picture.0:03
563Brass Door Bells Jing-a-ling, High-pitched Close Perspective.0:02
564Waterfall, Small 2: Rapid, With Fine Mist Roar.1:31
565Metal Latch Clicks 1.0:04
566Country Night Ambience 2: Crickets And Insects Chirp, Medium To Distant Perspective, With A Few Intermittent, Close Perspective. Squawky Frogs Close To Medium Perspective. Distant Traffic Roar. Ca2:29
567Kick In Medium Sized Wooden Door.0:01
568Bird, Sparrow; Singing, Close Perspective.0:10
569Horse; Gallop By On Hard Dirt, Left To Right.0:08
570M-16 Automatic Machine Gun: Fire, Short.0:03
571Rain; Light To Medium, On Car Roof With Faint Thunder.2:57
572Egg Timer Bell Dings With Long Ring-off, Close Perspective. Some With Timer Ticking.0:17
573Baby Vocals, With Spitting And Burrs.0:19
574Airport, Exterior: Loading Area With Medium Distant Traffic And Jet Idles, Luggage Cart By Voices In Background.1:46
575Shower Running 4: Hard With Fine Spray, Then Turn Off.0:28
576Eerie Wind With A Deep Moaning.0:31
577Pistol Or Rifle Shot 2: Sharper Than Fx 60, With Ring Off. [special Mix].0:02
578Small Heavy Metal Door Open With Loud Squeak.0:03
579Passenger Train, Interior Perspective: Steady With Rail Clicks And Metal Squeaks.2:59
580Bullet Impact Sweetener 2, Into Heavy Metal Object.0:02
581Futzed Operator Message: If You'd Like To Make A Call, Please Hang Up And Try Again....0:08
582Bites; Six Wet, Crunchy Bites Of Raw Vegetables; Carrot, Cabbage And Sweet Potato. Single Chomps Only, Close Perspective.0:13
583Ski In, Jump, And Stop On Snow With Distant Voices.0:13
584Wood Floor Creaks 1.0:16
585Car False Starts, V-8, Close Perspective; Several Attempts. One Successful Start But Immediately Dies.0:45
586Jet, Large, Exterior Perspective: Take Off And Away.0:42
587Snore 3; Close Breathing With Obnoxious Snorting.1:01
588Power Yacht 3: Start, Idle, And Move Forward Accelerate To Slow Cruising Speed.1:31
589Fart 2; Short Fart, Close Perspective.0:01
590Sheep, Several; Baas, Medium Perspective.0:23
591Slurp 2; Longer Than Fx 73, Close Perspective.0:01
592Motorized Shop Tool, Compressor Motor 1: Turn On, Steady And Off.0:16
593Stream, Small 1: Gentle And Babbling With Constant Tonally Ascending Drips, Close Perspective.2:52
594.357 Magnum Pistol Shot 3: Close Perspective More Ring Off Than Fx 28.0:03
595Laugh; Low-pitched Hearty Fat Man Laugh 1, Evil Or Mischievous, Close Perspective.0:17
596Futzed Phone Off Hook Signal.0:21
597Rotary Phone Dial 1.0:01
598Small Air Sander: Wavering High-pitched Servo Bursts And Air Release. Interior Garage Reverb Medium Perspective.0:28
59916 Gauge Shotgun: Blast With Ring Off.0:03
600Snore 1; Close Breathing With Snort On Inhale Quiet Exhale.1:10
6011986 Toyota Celica: In Fast And Stop On Dirt Close Perspective. Away With Small Peel Out And Tire Chirp.0:21
602Car Door Open And Close 1: 1987 Chevrolet Corsica, Interior, Close Perspective.0:09
603Synth Energy Zaps 4: Multiple Bursts. Faster And Higher Pitched Than Fx 56.0:03
604Ar-15 Semi-automatic Rifle, Multiple Shots.0:06
605Body Slamming Into Racquetball Court Wall 2.0:03
606Swamp Ambience 1: Large Chorus Of High And Low Pitched Frogs Croak, Close Perspective. Insects Chirp, Medium Distant Perspective; Active.4:02
607Rotary Phone Dial 5.0:02
608Roadster [special Mix]: High Rev And Peel Out With Heavy Tire Squeal And Away On Pavement. Tire Shift, Action Right To Left.0:10
609Wood Break Or Shatter.0:02
610Swimming 1: Under Water.0:14
611Ak-47 Automatic Rifle 1: Single Shot.0:02
612Bullet Impacts, Multiple, Into Wood.0:02
613Light Wind 1; Steady, Wispy With Constant Breeze Through Trees.2:06
614 PE-12 - Sports & Boats
615V-8 Car: In Fast And Skid To Stop On Dirt, Close Perspective, Then Idle And Off. ( Segues To Fx 28. ) .0:14
616Double Glass Ding, Crystal Champagne Flute Toast 1.0:03
617Water Trickle 2: Light Water Splash And Movement.0:59
618Waves 1: Calm Ocean Or Surf Pounding, Distant Perspective.3:43
619Coin Dropping Into Pay Phone Coin Return.0:04
620Ice Dropping Into Glass Of Water 1.0:10
621[special Mix] Large Flash Bulb, Glassy Crack And Pop With Sizzle. Can Be Used For Bug Squish.0:02
622Forest Ambience 2 [special Mix]: Happy Bird Chirps And Calls, Close And Distant Perspective With Light Wind.1:53
623Amazon Jungle Ambience 2: Bird Calls Medium And Distant Perspectives. Loud Insect Hum, Medium Distant. Tree Cracks And Falls Into Water Near Tail. [note: This Effect Has A Lot Of Out Of Phase Sign2:54
624Futzed Phone Receiver Hang-up 3.0:01
625Rain; Heavy, With Fast, Splatty Drops On Asphalt.1:55
626Synth Comet Whoosh By, Left To Right.0:01
627Jet, 727, Landing, Interior Perspective: Engine Roar, Deceleration, Thump On Touch-down, Then Turbine Rev.0:53
628Corvair: Drives Slowly Over Bumps With Interior Light Rattles, Acceleration, Turn Signal.1:36
629Waterfall, Small 1: Rapid, With Big Splashy Drops, Close Perspective.2:09
630Rotary Phone Dial 7.0:02
631Low Frequency, Fast Synth Whoosh.0:01
632Train, Exterior Perspective: Air Release Close Slow Pull Out With Metal Groans. Accelerates To Medium Speed With Close Rail Clicks.2:19
633Telephone Rings, Double Bell-type Pay Phone.0:12
634Ski Chair Lift 2: Cable Constant With Squeaking.1:11
635 PE-15 - Interior Ambiences
636High School Hallway, Reverberant. Busy Voices Footsteps By, Locker Opening And Closing A Couple Of Times. Close To Distant Perspective.2:58
637Rising Multi-pitched Soundwave 1: Oscillating Tones Ascending And Descending. Action Pans As Pitch Changes.0:23
638Toilet Flush 5, Urinal Toilet.0:14
639Ping Pong Volley 2.0:23
640Drips, Slow And Big, From Shower Faucet In Gym Shower Room.0:33
641Bow Wash 2: Very Close Perspective. Small Boat About 20 Feet Long.2:29
642Light Wind 4: Steady In Trees, Cold And Desolate With Sparse Distant Bird Chirps And Crow Caws.2:13
643Oscillating, Multi-pitched Tones Rise And Fall 1.0:10
644Bullet Impact Through Glass With Debris 2.0:01
645Flanging Synth Tone Fades Into Electronic Buzz.0:07
646Spacious, Reverberant Hall With Large Male Crowd Murmur, Door Open And Close, Key Jingles; Medium To Distant Perspective.0:57
647Hammer 1: Soft Hits Of Nail Into Wood. Close Perspective.0:46
648F-15 Fighter Plane In And By Right To Left, And Away.0:25
64935mm Projector Start, Steady And Off, With Wind Ups, Slow Downs And Machine Hum.0:30
650Blow Dryer Turn On, And Dry Hair On High Speed And Turn Off.1:06
651Ak-47 Automatic Rifle 3: Single Shot. Short With Light Ring Off.0:02
652Sheet Movement ( Bed Being Made ) .0:22
653Medium Teenage Crowd, Excited, Busy Voices. [party]. Close Perspective.2:56
654Ice Clinks In Glass Without Liquid 5.0:01
655Firecracker Explosions 2: Five Various Takes One Burst With No Fuse.0:16
656Cows, Herd; Multiple Moos, Close Perspective, As They Pass. Distant Cowboy Yells.0:28
657Chugging Soda Pouring Into Glass, With Fizz 2.0:06
658Wolf; Vicious Growls And Snarls, Close Perspective.0:48
659Courtroom: Large Crowd Murmur In Medium Sized Room With Natural Reverb, Predominantly Males; Close And Distant Perspective.2:16
660Large, Low-pitched Bell Struck: For Boxing Or Carnival Bell.0:04
661Gusts; Medium, Wind Through Trees With Light Debris Movement.0:39
662Fire; Large, Roar And Hiss With Crackles.3:00
663Huey Helicopter Take Off, Close Perspective: With High-pitched Whine.0:58
664Gun, Classic Pistol Cock.0:01
665Bone Break 6.0:01
666Medium Teenage Crowd, Excited, Busy Voices. [rowdy Party]. Close Perspective.1:48
667Swish 22, Multiple Electronic Swish.0:01
668Heart Beat, Fast: 106 Beats Per Minute.3:00
669Medium Wind 2: Steady, Sounds Cold With Light Gusts And Leaves In Trees.2:05
670( Continues From Fx 27 ) V-8 Car: Start, Close Perspective, Peel Out On Dirt And Away Fast To Distant.0:23
671Piper Arrow Prop Plane Start And Idle Close.0:48
672Thunder; Rumbles And Cracks In The Distance With Drizzle Swells And Very Light Wind.4:12
673River, Small 1: Medium-fast, Babbling And Smooth Running.3:48
674Bullet Ricochet Off Hard Surface 4.0:02
675Mantle Clock Ticks Slowly 1.2:01
676P-47 Mustang Prop Plane Taxi In To Close And Off.0:39
67735mm Still Camera 1: Electronic Shutter Click With Wind.0:02
678Body Falls Into Snow.0:03
679Synth Energy Zaps 7: Double Burst.0:02
680Rain; Light, With Distant Traffic.2:50
681Police Station, Light Activity: Voices Quiet With Specific Lines, Old Type Desk Phone Rings; Medium Distant Perspective.2:18
682Racquetball Being Hit Against The Court Wall Several Times, With Long Reverberant Ring Out.0:23
683Gasps; Male, With Exhale-inhale, Close Perspective. Could Be Fear Or Effort Reaction.0:01
684Electronic Computer Beeps.0:05
685Laser 3: High-pitched, Very Fast Oscillation Constant, With High Intensity. Two Pitches.1:03
686Single Sword Hit 2: Higher Pitched Than Fx 25 With Ring Out.0:01
687Mustang 5.0 V-8: Short Idle Then Medium Acceleration ( Stick Shift ) To Moderate Rpm Steady. Pulls Off Road At 1:08 Onto Dirt, Stop And Idle.1:56
688Dealer Calls Out Dice Throws.0:42
689Birds Chirp, Close To Distant Perspective. Morning Dove, Insects, Dog Barks In Background; Active.1:33
690Dishwasher Turn On, Run ( Wash Dishes ) , Turn Off Drain Water, Run ( Rinse Dishes ) , And Turn Off.2:55
691Car Door Open And Close 2: Lincoln Town Car Close Perspective. Good For Police Car Or Modern Car Door.0:20
692Bubbles; Fish Tank Bubbling Very Fast, Aquarium.0:37
693Fart 7; Low-pitched, Juicy, Like Whoopee Cushion, Close Perspective.0:01
694Car Hood Open And Close: Bmw Hydraulic Hood With Piston Hiss, Close Perspective.0:11
695Multiple Sneaker Squeaks On Racquetball Court Floor 1.0:06
696Wade Through Water 2: Hands Splash In And Out Of Water, Lightly.0:20
697Car Fender Bang; Hard Metal Impact With Rattle.0:02
698Swish 8, Single.0:01
699Swish 2, Single.0:01
700Blow Dryer Turn On, And Dry Hair On Low Speed And Turn Off.0:47
701.357 Magnum Pistol Shot 1: Close Perspective.0:02
702Department Store Paging Bell Rings, Close Perspective. First Singles, Then Multiples.0:11
703Ax Impact Into Wood 3.0:01
704Punch, Body Hit 2: With Thud.0:01
705Car Door Open And Close 6: 1964 Cadillac, Large Rusty Door Open And Close With Metal Hinge Creaks.0:04
706Shower Running 5: Fast Running That Turns Into Slow Running Then Off, With Drain Sounds.1:21
707Bullet Bounces Off From Heavy Metal Plate 1.0:01
708Dolphin; Chirps / Vocals, Classic, Close Perspective.0:04
709Small Group Of Men Shout Angry Chant.0:14
710Futzed Dial Tone.0:08
711Car Horn Beeps: High-pitched Nasal, Various Lengths.0:38
712Huge Auditorium With Active, Large Crowd Voices Occasional Footsteps By: Close To Distant Perspective.2:43
713Swish 30, Single.0:01
714Thunder; With Heavy Rain.0:36
715Vicious Dog Growls, Processed; Low Frequency.0:25
716Jet, 727, Take Off, Interior Perspective: Roar With Engine Whine And Acceleration.1:10
717Riot Background, Exterior: Large Crowd Shouting In Extreme Anger; Close To Distant Perspective.1:13
718Grunt 5; Male, Strained Effort Or Punch Reaction, Close Perspective.0:01
719Wind-up Alarm Clock, With Room Tone.2:00
720Phone Receiver Hang-up 1.0:01
721Synth Spaceship Approach, In And By 1.0:02
722Short Synth Rising Multi-pitched Tone.0:02
723Swiss Restaurant: Medium Crowd Eating And Talking In A Sophisticated, Subdued Manner With Dish And Utensil Movement; Medium Perspective.1:49
724Sword Or Bayonet Juicy Stab 4: With Short Gush Impact.0:01
725Thick Rope Stretch With Twisting Creak, Low Pitched.0:08
726Bird, Hawk; Single Screech, Classic, Medium Close Perspective.0:02
727Keys Into And Out Of Ignition, Then Buzzer. Also Useful For Door Buzzer. Close Perspective.0:08
728Synth Spaceship Approach, In And By 2. More Dynamic By Than Fx 73.0:03
729Toilet Flush 1, Modern Type.0:13
730Telephone Rings, Foreign Bell-type Ring 2.0:31
731Bar Ambience: 5 People In Light Conversation Some Laughter, Ordering From Waitress, No Movement; Close Perspective.0:49
732Ar-15 Automatic Rifle 2: Single Shot.0:03
733Mountain Ambience: Insects In Close Perspective. Coyote, Dog, Frog And Crickets In Background.3:42
734Cable Car By Close With Bell Ring, Loud Metal Rail Thumps.0:25
735Multi-pitched Synth Laser Burst, Descending.0:03
736Electric Shaver 3: Turn On, Shave And Turn Off.0:17
737Motorized Shop Tool, Saw ( Table ) 1: Turn On Steady, And Off With Long Wind Down.0:38
738Futzed Foreign Telephone Ring.0:18
739Sword Or Bayonet Juicy Stab 8: Short Gush Impact With Metal Hit.0:01
740Stream, Small 2: Medium-fast And Babbling Over Rocks.3:30
741Office Machine, Xerox Copier Reproducing A Document.0:28
742Wooden Bat Drops Onto Dirt Surface 2.0:01
743Half Glass / Wood Door 3: Open With Latch And Long Time To Close.0:06
744Waterfall, Medium 1: Smooth Running With Bubbling Roar.2:05
745Bubbles; Gurgling Up Of Fast Bubbles Slowed Down 65%.0:36
746Fourth Of July Fireworks Demonstration With Crowd. [special Mix].0:55
747Warehouse Door, Huge Metal, Rolls Closed With Metal Gear Clicks And Movement; Reverberant 1.0:12
748Electric Shaver 1: Turn On, Shave And Turn Off.1:04
749Intermission In Hallway: Large Crowd Young Adults Busy Chatter With Light Background Movement; Close To Distant Perspective.3:02
750German Shepard; Barks, Close Perspective.0:08
751Big Rolling Wood Door Close.0:05
752Highway Traffic, Busy: Close Perspective Cars And Trucks.3:41
753Large Splash Or Dive Into Water 1.0:05
754Motorized Shop Tool, Compressor Motor 3: Turn On, Steady Chugging Motor, And Off With Chugs And Air Release.0:18
755Dog, Large; Vicious Growls, Close Perspective.0:29
756Motorized Shop Tool, Saw ( Radial Arm ) : Turn On Steady, And Off With Long Wind Down And Squeak.0:47
757Half Glass / Wood Door 5: Bang Open And Close Hard With A Rattle.0:08
758Body Slamming Into Racquetball Court Wall 1.0:03
759Crash [special Mix] 10: Metal Impact With Big And Long Glass Shatter, Medium Distant Perspective; Reverberant.0:05
76022 Caliber Pistol Shot 2: Medium Perspective And More Reverberant Than Fx 25.0:04
761Lawnmower Engine Steady, 9 Horse Power Wisconsin Motor, Slow Idle.0:33
762Medium Piece Of Wood Cracks As It Is Broken.0:02
763Elevator Door Ding, Then Open And Close 1.0:30
764Telephone Rings, Foreign Bell-type Ring 1.0:28
765Waves 2: Medium Size Waves Crash And Close Out With Foam Hiss, Medium Perspective.1:28
766Laugh; Low-pitched Fat Man Laugh 2, Evil Or Mischievous, Close Perspective.0:03
767Kick, Body Hit 4: With Thud And Crunch.0:01
768Telephone Rings, Bell-type Ring 3, Trim Line.0:26
769Motorized Shop Tool, Grinder ( Metal ) : Turn On And Wind Up To Smooth Steady With Rhythmic Hum. Off With Very Long Wind Down.1:08
770Punch, Body Hit 3: With Sharp Thud.0:01
771Car Long In 10 Mph And Pass By Close Perspective Then Long Away On Dirt Road.0:19
772Slap 1.0:01
773Swallow 2; Very Close Liquid Swallow.0:01
774Bulldozer Crane: Heavy Engine Revs And Maneuvers With Piercing Metal Squeaks And Metal Bangs.0:53
775Medium Exterior Crowd Cheer And Yell Surge With Light Applause.0:12
776Airport, Exterior: Large, Busy Tarmac Area With Loud, Whining Jet Idles, Slow Maneuvers.1:48
777Air Horn Blasts: Logging Truck, With Medium Distant Reverberation, Close Perspective.0:31
778Air Horn Blasts: Large Truck, Low-pitched, Close Perspective.0:10
779Bull Roar, Medium Perspective.0:03
780Rifle Shot 3: Boomy, With Ring Off. [special Mix].0:03
781Drips, Splatty, Fall Onto Leaves.0:28
782Metal Gate Roll / Slide Close 3, With Slight Reverb.0:03
783Load And Cock M-14 Rifle, Gun.0:02
784Coughs; Male, A Few Short Bursts, Close Perspective.0:10
785M-14 Full Automatic Rifle: Shot Burst With Casings Drop On Cement.0:05
786Soda Pouring Into Glass, With Ice And Fizz.0:15
787Sword Twang 4: Sword Plucked With Long Ring Out.0:04
788Two Single Foot Stomps Or Body Falls Into Mud.0:04
789Phaser Siren: Close Perspective.0:15
790Metal Latch Clicks 3.0:04
791Synth Spaceship Interior 2: Higher Pitched And With More Airy Texture Than Fx 96.0:55
792Small Interior Crowd Applause Of About 20 People. Close Perspective.0:40
793Gusts; Very Heavy Over Light Wind, With Dirt And Grass Movement.2:23
794Snorting; Obnoxious Human Snorting Like A Pig Close Perspective.0:11
795M-14 Automatic Rifle: Single Shot With Clear Distinctive Bolt Action.0:01
796Cessna Prop Plane In From Distant, Lands Close With Tire Skid, Away.0:38
797Screams 5; Man, Insane Tantrum, Medium Perspective.0:05
798Coin Dropping Into Slot In Pay Phone.0:04
799Four Wooden Bat Impacts Without Decay.0:07
80035mm Slide Projector, Steady Fan Noise And Clicks Of Slides Changing.0:25
8011964 Cadillac: In Very Slow, Then Rough Idle Take Out Of Gear, And Off With Long Diesel Clanks And Hiss.0:18
802Bull Whip Crack 1: With Swish.0:03
803Large, High-pitched Bell Struck: For Boxing Or Carnival Bell.0:02
804Telephone Rings, Wireless Phone With Short, Rapid Beeps.0:17
805Futzed Phone Receiver Hang-up 4.0:01
806Electricity Arcing 1: Low Pitched Energy Hum With Zapping.0:23
807Metal Trailer Door Slam With Slight Bounce 1.0:04
808[special Mix] Two Men Fight In Alley Way, Heavy Punches And Grunts, Glass Break.0:27
809Load And Cock M-16 Rifle, Gun.0:02
810Futzed Operator Message: The Number You Have Reached Is Not In Service At This Time....0:16
811Electric Shaver 4: Turn On And Dies.0:07
812Swish 16, Double Swish.0:01
813Pay Phone Receiver Hang-up 3.0:01
814Wooden Bat Hits Baseball With Natural Decay 4.0:02
815Low-pitched Synth Tone, Eerie, Slow And Fluctuating In Tone And Frequency.0:30
816Kick, Body Hit 2: With Thud.0:01
817Person Shooting Baskets And Dribbling Basketball On Cement.1:27
818Sword Twang 1: Sword Plucked With Short Ring Out.0:04
819Water Plops In Metal Bucket.0:36
820Cessna Prop Plane Take Off.0:43
821Wood Door 1: Open And Close With Metal Latch Knob.0:04
822Spitting; Man Spits, Close Perspective.0:01
823Gusts; Heavy Wind With Leaf Rustle In Trees.0:37
824Elevator Door Ding, Then Open 5. ( Segues To Fx 62 ) .0:24
825Sword Or Bayonet Juicy Stab 5: With Very Short Almost Dry Impact.0:01
826Fart 3; Very Short And Wet Fart, Close Perspective.0:01
827Small Instamatic Flash Bulb, Eject And Shatter.0:02
828Home Doorbell Rings 2x: Classic, Low-pitched, At Close Perspective.0:06
829Metal Screen Door Squeaks 1.0:03
830Synth Alien Screams 2: Multiple, High-pitched And Fluctuating.0:26
831Coughs; Male, Three Short Wheezing Coughs, Close Perspective.0:02
832Fart 1; Medium Fart, Close Perspective.0:01
833Horses, Two; Milling About On Dirt With Short Whinny At Tail, Medium Perspective.0:34
834Water Laps 4: Calm Laps Against A Boat.1:18
835Screams 5; Woman, Short Screech, Medium Perspective.0:01
836Laser 1: 9 Short Blasts Of Various Lengths Textures, And Frequencies.0:23
837Synth Energy Zaps 2: Tonal With A Delay, Shorter Than Fx 54.0:02
838Car Window Up And Down, Electric: Bmw, Interior Close Perspective.0:13
839Door Buzzer, Industrial Type: Loud, Mid-range Bursts, Short And Long.0:11
840Heavy Wood Door With Metal Latch Open With Creaky Spring And Close With Slight Squeak.0:08
841Edge Trimmer Steady, 2 Horsepower Briggs And Stratton, With Fast R.p.m.'s.1:04
842Drips, Hard And Thick, Fall Sometimes Quickly Onto Hard Surface.1:01
843Screams 2; Woman, Single Scream, Close Perspective. More Terrified And Piercing Than Fx 35.0:02
844Low Frequency Synth Tone Pulsating.0:36
845Glass Ding 4, Crystal Champagne Flute Toast.0:04
846( Continues From Fx 05 ) 1986 4-cylinder Sports Car: Accel To High Speed, Then Long Gradual Decel And Repeat Gradual Accel And Decel. Off At End.3:30
847Electrical Hum With Buzz.0:06
848Telephone Rings, Bell-type Desk Phone 2.0:35
849Baby Coo.0:22
850Spacecraft Launch With Futzed Countdown, Then Roaring Lift Off.0:54
8519mm Uzi Automatic Fire 3: With Ring Off.0:05
852Thunder; Dry, Rumbles And Cracks In The Distance Without Rain.1:59
853Swimming 5: Doggie Paddle.0:32
854Geese And Ducks In Pond, Medium Distant Perspective; Very Active.3:26
855Glass Wind Chimes Ring Lightly, Sporadically.1:37
856Coast Guard Cutter Ship 3: Fast Steady, With Lots Of Spray.0:55
857Swamp Ambience 3 [special Mix]: Light Chorus Of Frogs Croak, Close Perspective. Crickets And Insects Chirp, Distant Perspective; Calm.2:31
858Wooden Bat Drops Onto Dirt Surface 3.0:02
859Engine Shut Off With Long Diesel.0:08
860Motor 2: Running Steady.0:45
861River, Medium 1: Medium-fast Running With Roar.2:34
862Bull Whip Cracks 3: Five In Rapid Succession.0:05
863Bow Wash 1: Very Close Perspective. Large Boat, Forty Feet Long.3:16
864Sword Or Bayonet Juicy Stab 6: With Short Gush Impact.0:01
865Thin Wooden Door Is Kicked In.0:02
866Night Jungle Ambience 2: Distant, High-pitched Insects And Crickets; Calm.3:02
867Bell Tower: High-pitched Bells Chime An Up-tempo Celebration Song With Full Range Of Bells. Long Ring-off.0:38
868Edge Trimmer Steady, 2 Horsepower Briggs And Stratton, With Medium R.p.m.'s.0:45
869Model Airplane, Close To Medium Perspective: Start And Run With Movement, Off At End.0:53
870Small Metal Hinge With Piercing Squeaks.0:08
871Low Frequency Pulsating Tone Speeds Up And Slows Down.0:16
872High-pitched Metal Squeaks 10:03
873Two Young Kids Giggle.0:07
874Inflating Large Balloon.0:04
875Swish 1, Single.0:01
876Shower Running 3: Lightly With Slight Reverberation.1:37
877Chain Saw: False Starts Then Starts With Short Revs And Runs, Then Off. Close Perspective.1:20
878Baby Whines And Cries, With Huffs And Puffs.0:14
879Industrial Saw, Large: Cutting Through Wood0:09
880Train Long In From Distant With Echoed Horn Blows To Very Close By; Left To Right With Rail Clicks And Squeaks. Long Train With Loud Caboose By And Away At End.4:00
881Rottweiler; Vicious Barks, Growls And Snarls Medium To Close Perspective.0:29
882Subway Train, Stairwell Perspective: In And Stop With Brake Squeals, Train Doors Open And Close With Bells, Conductor Announcements. Train Away Turnstile Clatter With Footsteps.1:33
883Wooden Bat Drops Onto Dirt Surface 4.0:01
88412 Gauge Shotgun: Blast With Ring Off.0:03
885Telephone Rings, Bell-type Antique Phone 3. A Few Short Rings.0:11
886Police Wailer Siren: Long Steady, Close Perspective.0:30
887Bites; Four Wet, Muffled And Crunchy Bites Into Corn, Close Perspective.0:08
888Swish 18, Multiple Swish, Fast.0:04
889Glider, Exterior Perspective: Heavy Wind Roar In Flight With Hissy Gusts. Sounds Cold.0:59
890Air Drill: Short And Long Spurts. Interior Shop Or Garage Reverb, Medium Perspective.0:52
891Pig; Squeals, Higher-pitched And More Distressed Than Fx 64, Medium Perspective.0:13
892Whistling Wind; Medium, With Very Steady, Clear Whistle Tones.0:49
893Screams 3; Woman, Single Scream, Close Perspective. Similar To Fx 36, But Shorter.0:01
894Reverse Ricochet 1: Strange High Speed By.0:03
895Bullet Impact Into Metal, Hollow Sounding, Like An Empty 55 Gallon Drum Or A Car 1.0:02
896School Bell: Short Ring, Interior Hall, Close Perspective.0:04
897Drips Of Water Fall Onto China.1:04
898Waterfall, Large: Very Rapid Fine Mist Roar.2:22
899Synth Alien Screams 1: Multiple, High-pitched.2:30
900Reverse Ricochet 2: Strange High Speed By. Shorter Than Fx 75.0:03
901Swish 14, Single.0:01
90235mm Still Camera 3: Electronic Shutter Click With Automatic Rewind, Single Picture.0:01
903Pig; Squeal Altered, Medium To Close Perspective.0:44
904Rain; Medium, Splatty, Fall On Asphalt From Roof Of House.3:04
905Fart 4; Very Short, High-pitched Fart, Close Perspective.0:01
906Transmission Gear Grinds.0:20
907Rotary Phone Dial 3.0:01
908Swish 4, Single.0:01
909Three Various Body Falls Onto Carpeted Floor.0:07
910Floor Type Gear Shifter Movement; Bmw.0:16
9111986 Toyota Celica: In Fast And Skid To Stop On Dirt, Close Perspective. Away With Small Peel Out And Tire Chirp.0:16
912Car Hits And Drags A Hot Dog Stand; Long Sustained Dragging.0:15
913Low Frequency Earthquake Rumble With Stereo Motion.0:48
914Bullet Impact Through Glass With Debris 1.0:01
915Pneumatic Door Mechanism Hiss 1.0:02
916Rain; Splattering In Puddle.3:00
917Low Frequency, Oscillating Tone.0:13
918Bubbles; Gurgling Up Of Big Fast Bubbles.0:24
919Single Piece Of Wood Falls Onto Other Pieces Of Wood 1.0:01
920Forest Ambience 3: Distant Birds And Frogs With A Few Close Bird Calls. Wind Through Grass / Trees.2:39
921Double Glass Ding, Crystal Champagne Flute Toast 2.0:04
922 PE-08 - Traffic, Sirens, Motors, Busses
923Wood And Glass Crash.0:02
924Water Laps 3: Lake Water Laps Against Sailboat Cutting Through Water.0:37
925Explosion: Large, Sharp, Boomy Crack With Fall Debris, 2.0:04
926Synth Gun Ricochet, Multi-pitched, 1.0:01
927Bus By 2: Bus Fast In From The Left With Gear Shifts, And By To The Right With Long Away.0:16
928Air Brake Hiss 4: Large Truck, Short Blasts Close Perspective.0:06
929Coins Dropping Out Of Slot Machine.0:12
930Small Group Of Kids Laugh, Giggle.0:12
931Belch 1; Medium Belch, Close Perspective.0:01
932Tennis Ball Machine Steady.0:12
933Goat; Baas, Close Perspective.0:05
934Helicopter, Medium Distant Perspective: In And By.0:33
935Wooden Bat Drops Onto Dirt Surface 5.0:02
936Gusts; Heavy Wind Whip Sand And Grass.0:28
937Bottle Rocket 4: Piccolo Whistle And Burst.0:04
938Bird, Flicker; Rhythmic Chirps, Close Perspective.0:24
939Belch 3; Shorter Than Fx 81, Close Perspective.0:01
940Baby Moaning With Pleasure.0:11
941Bell Tower: High-pitched Bells Chime Traditional Fast-paced Melody, With More Polyphony Than Previous Tracks, Close Perspective.1:03
942Futzed Rotary Phone Dial With Receiver Pick-up.0:10
943Pay Phone Receiver Pick-up 1.0:01
944Very Short Cannon Ball Whiz.0:01
945Elevator Servo Motor 3: Switches On And Off With Motor Whine; Reverberant.0:07
946Motor 1: Turn On With Wind Up, Steady With Rhythmic Hum, And Off With Wind Down.1:02
947Swallow 1; Very Close Liquid Swallow.0:01
948Phone Dropped On Carpeted Surface.0:01
949Telephone Rings, Rapid Electronic Pulses, Loud Ring Setting.0:23
950School Bell: Short Ring, Exterior, Close Perspective.0:10
951Model T: Start, Variable Slow Steady. Suspension Rattles Over Bumps And At Slow Speed. On Board Perspective. Off At End.3:52
952Two Single Body Falls On Gravel.0:05
953Full Sink Draining.0:28
954Prop Plane Exterior Steady, Small Twin Engine With Revs. Can Play For Interior In Flight.0:38
955Mantle Clock Ticks Slowly 2.2:01
956Sword Shing 4: Sword Runs Against Each Other.0:02
957Bird, Canary; Singing, Close Perspective.0:12
958Pneumatic Door Mechanism Hiss 2.0:02
959 PE-01 - Nature Ambiances
960Soda Can Open, With Fizz 2.0:05
96135mm Still Camera Shooting Multiple Shots With Autowinder 2: Rapid Shutter Clicks With Motor And Servo Whine.0:10
962Futzed ( Through The Line ) Bell-type Telephone Ring 1, With Receiver Pick Up.0:32
963Screams 3; Man, Gut-wrenching Scream And Fall Into Distance.0:05
964Juicy Impact 1.0:01
965Department Store Ambience, Busy: People Walking And Talking, Paging Bell Dings, Phone Rings General Movement; Close To Distant Perspective.2:51
966Crash [special Mix] 11: Medium Perspective Skid, Impact And Long Glass Shatter.0:04
967Full Silverware Drawer Slide Open And Close.0:04
968Motorized Shop Tool, Joiner ( Wood ) : Turn On Steady, And Off With Wind Down.0:47
969Air Pumps Into Arm Band, ( Blood Pressure Cuff ) Then Releases.0:17
970Pile Driver 1: Rhythmic Impacts Medium Perspective With Slapback Echo Off Of Buildings.0:49
971Car Alarm: Fast Oscillator Type, Steady, And Off. Close Perspective.0:50
972Punch, Body Hit 5: With Thud.0:01
973Body Falls Into Water, With Splash 2.0:03
974Interior Warehouse Elevator: Two Door Elevator With Manual Metal Slide Gate In Front. Gate Slide Open With Metal Latch, Step Into Elevator Wood Door Slide Close. Elevator Run, Then Gate Slide Open W0:32
975M-60 Automatic Machine Gun Bursts 1: Good Distinctive Bolt Action 1.0:08
976Body Falls Onto Car Hood.0:01
977Motorized Shop Tool, Compressor Motor 4: Turn On, Steady Chugging Motor, And Off With Wind Down And Toned Release.0:14
978Juicy Impact 4.0:01
979Zipper 3.0:01
980Aluminum Bat Hits Baseball With Natural Decay 2.0:02
981Gong: Long Scrape Across With Reverb And Ring-out.0:37
982Baby Hiccups.0:00
983Electronic Telemetry Beeps, Steady.0:29
984Body Falls Into Debris.0:04
985Liquid Pouring Over Ice Into Glass, Fill Up 2.0:08
986M-1 Semi-automatic Rifle: Fire, Multiple Shots. Bullet Shell Casings Drop On Hard Surface.0:04
9879mm Uzi Automatic Fire 1: Debris And Dirt Fall.0:05
988Traffic Jam: Many Car Horns Sound.0:50
989Rotary Phone Dial 2.0:01
990Ice Clinks In Glass Without Liquid 7.0:02
991Walk-in Freezer Door Opens And Closes, With Metal Latch.0:05
992Swish 3, Single.0:01
993Laser 2: Long, Oscillating Blast.0:20
994Bird, Duck; Quacks, Close Perspective.0:12
995Electric Drill Through Wood. Various Short Bursts.0:28
996Baseball Mitt Impacts With Natural Decay 1.0:01
997Bus Door: Manual Open With Squeak And Close Close Perspective.0:06
998Traffic, City Street, With Footsteps And Voices On Sidewalk.2:56
999Throw Bowling Ball, With Roll Down Alley And Hit Pins 1.0:04
1000Rattlesnake Tail Rattle 2, Close Perspective. ( Steadier Than Fx 68 ) [simulated].0:39
1001Car In Slow To Idle, Then Off, Close Perspective.0:37
10029mm Uzi Automatic Fire 2: Bullet Hits Metal.0:05
1003Crash [special Mix] 5: Metal Collision With Bounce And Bang ( No Glass ) .0:04
1004Night Jungle Ambience 3: Heavy Bed Of Medium Distant, High-pitched Insects And Crickets; More Active Than Fx 12.2:20
1005Lawnmower Engine Steady, 8 Horsepower Briggs And Stratton, With Medium Fast R.p.m.'s.1:29
1006Glider, Interior Perspective: In Flight, Steady Wind Roar, More Whistling Than Fx 26.0:41
1007Swallow 3; Very Close Swallow, Food Or Liquid.0:01
1008Metal Safe Door Shut With Latch.0:04
1009Hospital P.a. Announcement, Doctor Forest, Dial 118 Please....0:06
1010Horses, Two; Gallop Steady, Stop And Repeat, On Dirt.1:03
1011Sword Or Bayonet Juicy Stab 7: Short Gush Impact With Metal Hit.0:01
1012Turn On Faucet, Run Water Into Sink, And Turn Off 1.0:29
1013Match Strike And Ignite 2.0:04
1014Synth Energy Zap 5: Single Burst.0:01
1015Heavy Wind; Gusting And Howling.0:58
1016Futzed Phone Receiver Hang-up 2.0:01
1017Birds, Geese; Quacking, With Wing Flaps And Movement. Single Goose Honks And Squeals Loudly Close Perspective.0:28
1018Horse Blow, Single, Close Perspective.0:01
1019Wooden Bat Drops Onto Dirt Surface 1.0:01
1020Punch, Face Hit 2: Sharp Impact.0:01
1021Wood, Small Piece, Crunched. By Little ( Non-affiliated ) Elves.0:01
1022Crane: Interior, Engine Hum With Pulley Chain Clinks And Gear Shift Movement.0:33
1023Toilet Flush 3: Old Type With Long Flush And Tank Fill Up.1:16
1024 PE-14 - Crowds, Kids, Babies, Heartbeats
1025Synth Spaceship By 2: Action Panning From Right To Left. Longer And Lower Pitched Than Fx 70.0:02
1026Rising Soundwaves: 4 Various Oscillating Ascending Tones To High Frequency.0:14
1027Wood Door 2: Open And Close With Metal Latch Knob, Slight Rattle.0:04
1028Eerie, Multi-pitched, Reverberant Metallic Moans.1:42
1029Car Door Open And Close 4: Bmw, Close Perspective.0:04
1030Roman Candle Bursts: Two Takes.0:04
1031Night Ambience 2: Heavy Bed Of Mid-range And High-pitched Crickets Hum And Chirp, Close Perspective; Active.1:19
1032Drips From Faucet Into Water In Sink.0:48
1033Explosion: Large, Sharp Crack With Falling Debris, 1.0:05
1034( Continued From Fx 02 ) 1983 Chevy V-6: Idle Or Slow Steady For :23, Gradual Acceleration Then Slow, Then Fast Accels. Decelerate To End.2:07
1035Bow Wash 4: Interior Perspective.0:24
1036Belch 6; Low-pitched And Wet, Close Perspective.0:01
1037Donkey; Brays, Medium To Close Perspective.0:26
1038Large Rowdy Teen Crowd, Exterior: Enthused Talking, Shrieking And Laughter; Close To Distant Perspective.2:44
1039Whistling Wind; Steady, Medium, Very Tonal Whistle With Trees Blowing; Sounds Cold.0:47
1040Liquid Pouring Over Ice Into Glass , Fills Up 1.0:11
1041Doppler Horn By, Left To Right: Semi-truck.0:13
1042Fast Food Restaurant: Large Mixed Crowd Busy Milling, Activity And Voices With Some Plasticware Movement; Medium Distant Perspective.2:24
1043Water Laps 1: Small Size Laps Against A Small Boat.0:53
1044Multiple Sneaker Squeaks On Racquetball Court Floor 2, With Reverberant Ring Out.0:21
1045Whistling Wind; Steady, With Heavy Swirling Gusts Blowing Through Brush.0:57
1046Thunder; Rumbles And Cracks In The Distance With Medium, Splatty Rain That Increases In Intensity.2:26
1047Slow Wooden Boat Creaks, Gentle Rocking Motion.0:36
1048Wooden Bat Hits Baseball With Natural Decay 3.0:02
1049Buzz 1: Multi-pitched, Oscillating, Processed Buzz.0:09
1050Cougar Cubs; Purr And Whine, Close Perspective.0:11
1051Grunt 11; Male, Strained Effort Or Punch Reaction, Close Perspective.0:01
1052Synth Alien Breathing; Very Slow, Low Frequency.1:55
1053Large Splash Or Dive Into Water 6.0:05
1054Zipper 6. Action Pans From Left To Right.0:01
1055Ice Clinks In Glass Without Liquid 8.0:02
1056M-60 Automatic Machine Gun Bursts 2: Medium Perspective.0:09
1057Swish 10, Electronic Swish.0:01
1058Screams 7; Woman, Three Screams, Exterior Close Perspective.0:05
1059Push Bar Door Open And Close In Reverberant Hall 5: Slow Open With Squeak, Then Close.0:07
1060Elephant; Honks, Blows And Kissing Sounds Through Trunk, Close Perspective. Birds In Background.0:32
1061Water Laps 2: Lake Water Laps By A Dock With Some Surging Waves.1:51
1062[special Mix] Very Large Flash Bulb, Glassy Crack Pop With Sizzle. Can Be Used For Bug Squish.0:02
1063Phone Receiver Slams Down.0:01
1064Rising Multi-pitched Soundwave 3: Smooth Tones Ascend To High Frequency.0:10
1065Fast Sequence On Synth Changes And Distorts; Reverberant.0:16
106630 / O6 Hunting Rifle, Single Shot With Echo And Long Ring Off.0:06
1067Screams 6; Woman, Panicked Shrieks Of Fear Close Perspective.0:04
1068Rising Multi-pitched Soundwave 2: Tones Ascending In Frequency Quickly.0:06
1069Bullet Impact Sweetener 5, Into Flesh Or Dirt.0:02
1070Bird, Peacock; Calls, Close Perspective.0:05
1071Futzed Phone Receiver Hang-up 1.0:01
1072Subway Train, Close Perspective: In And By With Rail Clicks, Then Long Away.0:32
1073Industrial Plant Ambience, Low Frequency, Steady.0:17
1074Jet, Large, Exterior Perspective: Taxi And Stop Close, Bell Rings, Wind Down To Idle.1:22
1075Servo Motor 4: Turns On And Runs At Fluctuating Speeds With Whining Motor Straining, And Off.0:09
1076Jeep: Start And Idle, Close Perspective. Off At End.1:03
1077Motor 3: Running Steady. Same Motor As Fx 48 With Metal Rattles And Ratchet-like Metal Movement At Tail.0:37
1078Telephone Rings, Cricket Like Electronic Pulses.0:26
1079Half Glass / Wood Door 2: Open And Close.0:05
1080Sneeze 1; Close And Short Choo! .0:01
1081Reverse Ricochet 3: Strange High Speed By. Higher Pitched Approach Than Fx 75.0:03
1082Winchester Rifle Cock.0:01
1083Breathing, Agitated; Male, Trembling, With Sniffs, Close Perspective.0:26
1084Ice Dropping Into Glass, With Can Open And Pour Carbonated Beverage Into Glass.0:17
1085Toilet Flush 4, Public Toilet.0:13
1086Electricity Arcing 3: Steady Sparking On And Off.0:27
1087Door Buzzer, Apartment Security Type: Loud Mid-range Buzz With Door Latch Open.0:13
1088Pistol Dry Fire, Multiple.0:02
1089Screen Door Open With Latch And Slam / Bang With A Rattle.0:05
1090Huey Helicopter, Interior Perspective: With High And Low-pitched Whine And Vibration.1:03
1091Highway Traffic, Light: Close Perspective Cars Trucks With Doppler Horns, Tire Whine, And Rattles.2:00
1092Horn Honks: Jeep Cherokee, Various Lengths.0:31
1093Baby Playing, Short Breaths.0:04
1094Elementary School Kids In Hallway, Reverberant. Talking And Yelling, Sneaker Squeaks And Footsteps, Coin Drops On Floor. Close To Distant Perspective.1:21
10951940's Single Prop Plane Idles, Close Perspective.0:36
1096High / Low Siren: Close Perspective 1.0:34
1097Sword Or Bayonet Juicy Stab 3: With Short Gush Impact.0:01
1098Blow Dryer Turn On, And Dry Hair On Medium Speed And Turn Off.1:41
1099Ski Chair Lift 3: With Cable Peaks And Valleys Low Level Voices, Squeaks And Rattles.1:07
1100Throw Bowling Ball, With Roll Down Alley And Hit Pins 2.0:07
1101Bird, Woodpecker; Chirping, Close Perspective.0:18
1102Double Sword Scrape 1.0:02
1103V-8 Car: In Medium, Stop On Dirt, Close Perspective, Idle And Off. ( Segues To Fx 26. ) .0:31
1104Warehouse Door, Huge Metal, Rolls Closed With Metal Gear Clicks And Movement; Reverberant 2. Heavier Close Than Fx 55.0:10
1105Belch 5; Wet And Short, Close Perspective.0:01
1106Baby Crying Slowly.1:04
1107Night Ambience 4: Calm, Distant Bed Of High-pitched Crickets Hum And Buzz, With A Single, Sporadic Cricket; Close Perspective. [note This Effect Has A Lot Of Out Of Phase In It.].3:30
1108Tire Skids For Plane Landing, Four Options.0:07
1109Synth Bug Fly Bys: Three Short Bys With Various Pitches.0:06
1110Interior Industrial Elevator Shaft: Constant Loud Metal Clicks Of Servo Switches, With Motor Hum And Various Light Motor Whir.2:30
1111Pay Phone Receiver Pick-up 2.0:01
1112Car Idle With Fan On, Close Perspective. Fan Shuts Off, Car Continues To Idle, Off At End.0:32
1113Two Single Knuckle Cracks.0:01
1114 PE-04 - Water
1115Bullet Impact Into Metal, Hollow Sounding, Like An Empty 55 Gallon Drum Or A Car 2.0:01
1116Prop Plane In And By Low Overhead Right To Left.0:18
1117Bicycle Bell Rings; Small Metal Bell With Manual Lever.0:11
1118Motorized Shop Tool, Compressor Motor 5: Turn On, Steady Chugging Motor, And Off.0:15
1119Hassleblad Shutter Clicks With Manual Advance.0:02
1120Crying / Sobbing; Woman, Reacting To Something Saying No!, Close Perspective.0:15
1121Metal Screen Door Squeaks 2.0:04
1122Dog, Large; Barks, Interior, Medium Perspective.0:16
1123Ping Pong Volley 1, Ball Is Hit Off Table At Tail.0:32
1124Deflating Small Balloon.0:12
1125Rifle Shot 4: Boomy, With Casings Drop. [special Mix].0:02
1126Synth Energy Zap 11: Multi-pitched Descending Burst.0:02
1127Watch Alarm With High, Double-pitched Beeps.0:08
1128Body Falls Onto Wooden Floor 4, With Flop.0:01
1129Coin Removed From Pay Phone Coin Return.0:02
1130Sophisticated Cocktail Party: 25 Mixed Adult Voices Chat Lightheartedly; Close To Distant Perspective.0:59
1131Electrical Buzz From Neon Light Transformer. Close Perspective.0:15
1132Four Aluminum Bat Impacts Without Decay.0:07
1133Industrial Saw, Large: Motor With Blower, Start Up And Off.0:16
1134Brass Door Chimes Jing-a-ling, High-pitched Close Perspective.0:03
1135Wade Through Water 1: Slow Footsteps In And Out Of Shallow Pool Water, Then Increase Footsteps Speed And Depth.1:09
1136Chugging Soda Pouring Into Glass, With Fizz 1.0:14
1137Baby Gurgles.0:11
1138Card Shuffle 2: Multiple Card Shuffle.0:33
1139Single-pitched, High Frequency Spinning Tone Like An Object Whirling. Spins Very Fast Towards Tail.0:28
1140Body Falls Onto Wooden Floor 5, With Flop.0:02
1141Object Crashing Through Wood And Glass.0:09
1142Bus, Exterior; By L To R with Stop1:33
1143Hand Brake Set With Clicks And Release; Bmw.0:08
1144Air Tool Wrench Whir 2: Nut On And Off, With Pitch Wavering Low And High.0:14
1145Medium Exterior Crowd Applause Of About 30-40 People, With Cheers And Hoots. More Active Than Fx 4.0:05
1146Short Synth Rising And Falling Multi-pitched Tone.0:01
1147Modern Car Hood Open And Close, Close Perspective.0:06
1148French Restaurant: Medium Crowd Voices Converse In A Subdued Manner With Light Activity, Audible Traffic Outside; Close To Medium Perspective.2:24
1149Synth Radio 1: Oscillating Square Wave Pattern With White Noise Background.0:21
1150Black Powder Musket 3, Single Shot. More Powerful And More Ring Off Than Fx 18 Or 19.0:05
1151100 Men Chant That Turns Into Cheers And Applause. Interior Large Hall, Reverberant.0:31
1152Synth High-pitched Tone By With Echo.0:02
1153Rifle Shot 5: Midrange, With Echo. [special Mix].0:03
11541986 4-cylinder Sports Car: Quiet Idle With A Few Low Revs, Gear Shift Clicks. ( Segues To Track 08 ) .0:27
1155Hospital Nurses Station In Hallway: Voices Pointed Lines, Paper Shuffles, Movement, P.a. Announcements, Phone Rings, Buzzer, Gurney Rolls By.2:26
1156Water Going Down Drain 1.0:08
1157Ice Drop Into Glass, Chugging Soda Pouring Into Glass With Fizz.0:12
1158Laugh, Mischievous; High-pitched, Sped-up Version Of Fx 07.0:01
1159Garbage Disposal 2: Turn On And Grind With Running Water, Then Turn Off.0:36
1160Elk; Honks And Squeals, Medium To Close Perspective.0:25
1161Futzed Phone Receiver Pick-up.0:01
1162Rain; Light Drizzle, Or A Hard Mist, With Some Splatty Drops On Asphalt.2:56
1163 PE-20 - Electronic, Sci-Fi
1164Futzed Busy Signal 2.0:12
1165Tree Cracks And Splinters As It Falls, Heavy Leaf Rustles As It Is Falling And Hits The Ground With A Squeak.0:26
1166Prison Metal Bar Cell Door Roll Close With Reverb.0:05
1167Electric Toaster 2: Bread Down, Toast And Bread Pop Up.0:29
1168Wooden Drawer Slide Open And Close.0:04
1169Bites; Six Crunchy Bites Into A Handful Of Chips Single Chomps, No Chewing. Close Perspective.0:17
1170Train Horn Blow, Medium Perspective.0:03
1171Civil War Cannon Shot With Long Ring-off.0:04
1172Metal Latch Clicks 2.0:06
1173Elevator Buzzer, Then Door Close 6.0:11
1174River, Large 2: Fast Running With Wide Ambient Feel, And Deeper Roar Than Fx 34.2:16
1175Exotic Rain Forest [special Mix]: Insects Chirp Close To Medium Perspective. Intermittent Unusual Bird And Gorilla Calls With Some Echo Medium To Distant Perspective. Small River Is Babbling Close P3:26
1176Motorized Shop Tool, Saw ( Band ) : Turn On Steady, And Off With Wind Down.0:38
1177Electric Fan 1: Turn On And Off.1:11
117835mm Still Camera Shooting Multiple Shots With Autowinder 1: Rapid Shutter Clicks With Motor And Servo Whine.0:09
1179Electronic Buzzer: Long, Single Buzz.0:05
1180Electric Shaver 2: Multiple On And Offs.0:06
1181French Fries Dropped Into Hot Grease And Sizzle.0:25
1182Medium Crowd Of Adults Yell, Shout, Scream And Laugh.0:17
1183 PE-19 - Beeps, Bells, Buzzers, Rumbles & Tools
1184Bone Break 4.0:00
1185Medium Exterior Crowd Applause With Boos, Cheers And Yells; Close To Distant Perspective.0:24
1186Descending Soundwaves: 2 Various Oscillating Descending Tones. To Low Frequency.0:06
1187Metal Door Open And Close 2.0:04
1188Half Glass / Wood Door 1: Open With A Creak.0:04
1189Buzz 2: Multi-pitched, Oscillating, Processed Buzz. Lower Pitched Than Fx 18.0:13
1190Grunt 4; Male, Strained Effort Or Punch Reaction, Close Perspective.0:01
1191Baseball Mitt Impacts With Natural Decay 3.0:01
1192Two Large Flash Bulbs, Pops And Sizzles With Glassy Crackles And Crunches. Can Be Used For Bug Squish.0:04
1193Bullet Impact Sweetener 4, Into Flesh.0:01
1194Outdoor Market Or Fair, Busy: People Mill Around And Talk With General Movement; Close To Distant Perspective.2:22
1195Ski Steady 4: With Maneuvers, Movement And Stop.0:14
1196Gasps 1; Woman, Close Perspective.0:01
1197Hand-held Saw 2: Higher-pitched And Faster Motion Than Fx 61. Interior Reverb.0:36
1198Drips, Small, Fall Onto Metal Pan.0:45
1199Bullet Impact Sweetener 1, Into Tin Cup.0:02
1200Dog, Large; Angry Barks And Growls, Close Perspective.0:40
1201Car Crash, Car Peels Out And Hits Wall In Underground Parking Lot, And Fast Away.0:10
120235mm Still Camera 2: Electronic Shutter Click With Manual Film Wind.0:02
1203Black Powder Musket 2, Single Shot. More Ring Off Than Fx 18.0:01
1204Gto [special Mix]: High Revs And Peel Out With Heavy Tire Squeal And Away On Pavement. Tire Chirp At Gear Shift, Action Right To Left.0:17
1205Construction Site Ambience 1: Interior With Close To Medium Perspective Voices, Welding Torch Blow, Chain Movement, Lumber Sawing And Movement.1:14
1206School Bus 1: Coasting With Rattles On A Bumpy Road. Slows To Stop; Interior Perspective.1:03
1207Ski Steady 2: With Maneuvers, Movement And Stop.0:30
1208Pay Phone Receiver Hang-up 1.0:01
1209Telephone Rings, Bell-type Ring 2, Muted Ring Off.0:28
1210Bullet Impact Sweetener 3, Into Wood.0:02
1211Pump Motor, Small, Running Steady.0:48
1212Air Brake Hiss 3: Large Truck, Higher-pitched Than Fx 93, Close Perspective.0:04
1213Explosion 2: Medium Sized, Sharp, More Boomy Than Fx 75.0:03
1214Acetylene Blow Torch: Light, Then Strong Steady Run With ( Oxygen ) Hiss.1:41
1215Horses, Four; Full Gallop, Steady, On Dirt And Weeds.0:26
1216Phone Receiver Hang-up 3.0:01
1217Synth Energy Zap 12: Single Air Whoosh Burst.0:02
1218Large Interior Audience Reactions, Laughing. Heavier Reaction Than Fx 20 And 21.0:07
1219Prison Mess Hall: Large Crowd Busy Male Voices In A Large Cafeteria With Light Background Activity, Time Bell Rings; Medium Perspective.1:54
1220Dog, Large; Drinks Water From Bowl, Close Perspective.0:42
1221Bottle Rocket 3: Piccolo Whistle And Large Burst, Distant Perspective. [special Mix].0:06
1222Dogs, Three; Barks And Howls. Single Large Dog Close Perspective, One Medium And One Dog Distant Perspective.0:47
1223Fountain 2: Large, Public Park Type.2:07
1224Glove Compartment Door Open And Close, Metal Clicks And Knob Turns, Close Perspective.0:12
1225Heavy Screen Door With Creaky Spring Opens And Closes With Bounce.0:05
1226Briefcase Opens And Closes, With Latch Noise.0:16
1227City Church Bells: Low-pitched, Distant Bell Tolls Nine Times With Ring Out. Classic Clock Tower Chime. Light Traffic Ambience, Medium Roar.0:34
1228Baby Sneezes.0:03
1229Bone Break 5.0:01
1230Sheep; Baa, Medium Perspective.0:02
1231Dog, Large; Eats Hard Crunchy Food, Close Perspective.0:42
1232F-111 Fighter-bomber Plane Slow By With Afterburner On For Away.0:31
1233Bell Tower: Low-pitched Bells Chime Slow, Somber Melody. Could Be Used For Funeral.0:48
1234Drips Fall Into Large Metal Rain Barrel Filled With Water.1:02
1235Wood Shop Ambience: Heavy Machine And Generator Airy Noise With Medium Perspective Power Saw Cuts Through Wood.0:48
1236Synth Radio 2: Tuning And Shifting Through Frequencies.0:10
1237Bubbling And Rising Synth Tone. Reverberant And Complex In Texture.0:08
1238Water Going Down Drain 2.0:15
1239Gusts; Very Heavy Wind Blowing Dirt And Sand With Periods Of Calm.1:00
1240High-pitched Metal Squeaks 2: With Low-pitched Rubbing.0:14
1241Laser 4: Medium-pitched Blast.0:17
1243Sniff 3; Close Inhale Through Nose With Snort.0:01
1244Light Wind 2: Steady, Wispy With Some Larger Gusts Than 2003-01. Similar Leaf Rustle From Breeze Through Trees.2:50
1245Heart Beat, Medium: 80 Beats Per Minute.3:01
1246Slurp 1; Short Sip Of Drink, Close Perspective.0:01
1247Interior Old Type Elevator: Steps On Wood Floor And Automatic Gate Type Door Clank / Slide Open And Close. Elevator Servo Motor Wind Up, Elevator Run, Then Clank At Floor Where It Stops. Door Open A0:18
1248Gambling Casino Background, Voices, Roulette Wheel, Chips Movement, Bells Ring. Close To Distant Perspective.0:54
1249Light Wind 3: Steady, Airy And Slightly Stronger Than 2003-02, With Similar Leaf Rustle.0:55
1250Chimpanzee; Screeches And Vocals, Various Medium To Close Perspective.1:06
1251Coast Guard Cutter Ship 2: Fast Steady, With Lots Of Bow Wash.0:43
1252Airport, Interior: P.a. Announcements And Pages Voices And Footsteps Close To Distant, Luggage Movement And Distant Phone Rings.3:03
1253Bulldozer: Blade Drops Hard On Ground, Then Maneuvers With Brake Squeals.1:14
1254Police Radio: Calls Received Through Radio From Female Dispatcher With Static And Squelch Pops; Close Perspective.2:01
1255Swish 17, Multiple Swish, Very Fast.0:01
1256Cuckoo Clock Striking Nine 0'clock.0:12
1257Yelper Siren: Close Perspective.0:46
1258Car Hood Open And Close: Mercedes, Close Perspective.0:05
1259Yelper Siren: Multiple Short On And Offs, Close Perspective.0:19
1260V-8 Car, Large: In Medium Slow To Stop, And Idle Close Perspective. Set Brake, Release, Long Away, Medium.0:47
1261Older Car Seat Adjust Forward And Back With Clunks And Vinyl Seat Creaks.0:12
1262Punch, Face Hit 3: Sharp Impact.0:01
1263[special Mix] Sword Battle, With Sword Hits Stab, Impact, Pained Yell, And Body Fall.0:08
1264Fart 6; Very Short, Wet, Dribbler Fart, Close Perspective.0:01
1265Medium Interior Crowd ( Intermission ) : Busy Murmur, Some Pointed Lines, Occasional Footsteps By; Close To Distant Perspective.1:49
1266Bow Wash 3: Ferry Boat Deck, Steady Cruising Speed.2:23
1267Push Bar Door Open In Reverberant Hall 2: Classic.0:02
1268Wood Crash, Large.0:03
1269Ak-47 Full Automatic Rifle: Multiple Shots.0:04
1270Soda Can Open, With Fizz 1.0:07
1271Four Various Body Falls On Dirt.0:11
1272Traffic, Residential Or Light City, Medium Close To Distant Perspective. Distant Siren And Distant Plane, Medium Distant Voices, Some Traffic Over Manhole Cover.2:46
1273Swish 23, Single.0:01
1274M-16 Automatic Machine Gun: Fire, Single Shot With Bolt Action.0:02
1275Push Button Phone Dial With Plastic Buttons.0:06
1276( Continues From Fx 25 ) V-8 Car: Start, Close Perspective, Then Away Medium Fast.0:22
1277Night Jungle Ambience 4: Heavy, Distant, High- Pitched Insects And Steady Cicada Buzz.2:31
12781986 Sports Car, 4-cylinder: Idles, Then Fast Acceleration Through Gears ( Stick Shift ) To High Speed. Slows To Medium Speed Steady, ( Segues To Track 06. ) .1:20
1279Garbage Disposal 1: On And Offs Without Water.0:03
1280Industrial Door, Huge Electric Metal, With Solenoid Clicks On And Off As Door Closes With Reverb.0:12
1281Dog, Large; Growls Sneezes, Huffs And Puffs As It Plays With Object In Mouth, Close Perspective.0:39
1282Courtroom Or Convention: Large Mixed Crowd Busy Murmur In Wide, Reverberant Area; Close And Distant Perspective.1:02
1283Bus Exterior Steady, Through Gears.1:52
1284Synth Energy Zap 9: Short Burst.0:01
1285Body Falls Into Water, With Splash 1.0:05
1286Antique Camera Shutter Clicks And Winds 1.0:06
1287Multiple Water Cooler Glubs.0:15
1288Wood Floor Creaks 2.0:24
1289Bullet Impact Into Wood.0:01
1290Elephant; Trumpeting, Medium To Close Perspective.0:21
1291Body Falls Onto Wooden Floor 3, With Slight Flop.0:01
1292 PE-03 - Wind
1293Freezer Door Opens And Closes, With Metal Latch.0:04
1294Drip, Single, Falls Into Liquid 5.0:01
1295Huge Interior Crowd, Applause Only, With Occasional Voices.0:19
1296Swimming 4: The Back Stroke.0:32
1297Synth Martian Voice.0:12
1298Ax Impact Into Wood 2.0:01
1299Tennis Ball Machine Shoots Out Tennis Ball.0:07
1300Industrial Saw, Large: Cutting Wood.0:10
1301Large Modern Office, Light Activity: Workers Chatter, Doors Open And Close, No Typewriters Or Phones; Medium Distant Perspective.1:09
1302Very Heavy Gusty Wind With Constant Whistling And Some Blowing Leaves.0:31
1303Synth Spaceship By 3: Fast, With Action Panning From Left To Right.0:01
1304Synth Energy Zaps 10: Four Short Bursts.0:03
1305Bubbles From Underwater 2: With Mic In Oil. Steady Small Bubbles, And Thicker Than The First.0:22
1306Black Powder Musket 4, Single Shot. Powerful With Less Ring Off Than Fx 20.0:04
1307Heavy Wood Frame Window Squeaks While Sliding.0:19
1308Restaurant: Busy Crowd General Conversation In Large Dining Area With Intermittent Dishes Clanking; Medium Perspective.1:29
1309Fountain 1: Large, Home Garden Type.2:27
1310Drips, Heavy, Fall Into Liquid.0:27
1311Bird, Seagull; Four Single Cries, Close Perspective.0:10
1312Throw Bowling Ball, With Roll Down Alley And Hit Pins 3.0:06
13138mm Newsreel Motion Picture Camera On, Run, And Off, With Clicks And Clatters.0:19
1314Garbage Disposal 3: Water Running Then Disposal Turn On And Off, With Drain At Tail.0:33
1315Rotary Phone Dial 4.0:01
1316Bowling Alley Ambience, Very Active. Pin Re-set And Ball Retrieval Machines Close Perspective.0:21
1317Truck Door Open And Close, Close Perspective.0:11
1318Punch, Face Hit 7: Sharp Impact.0:01
1319Synth Energy Zaps 3: Multiple Bursts.0:04
1320Single Sword Hit 1: With Slight Ring Out.0:01
1321Racquetball Being Hit Against The Court Wall Several Times, With Long Reverberant Ring Out Harder Impacts Than Fx 38.0:23
1322V-8 Car: Start, And Accelerate To High Rpm. Racy Steady, High Speed Accels, Smooth Engine Stick Shift.3:39
1323Swish With Small Glass Crash.0:02
1324Fire Truck Siren And Close Perspective Horn Honks, Off At Tail.0:12
1325Bullet Impact Sweetener 9, Into Glass.0:01
1326Train, Exterior Perspective: Idle Medium Close. Horn Blow Close At Head.0:58
1327Telephone Rings, Bell-type Ring 4, Standard.0:30
1328Rotary Phone Dial 8.0:02
1329Kick, Body Hit 1: With Sharp Thud.0:01
1330Women's Dressing Room: 10 Women General Chatter And Movement In A Small Tiled Room; Close To Medium Distant Perspective.0:34
1331Medium To Heavy Wind, Howling And Rumbling With Ascending And Descending Low-end.2:53
1332Door Buzzer, Economy Car. High, Nasal, Whining Buzz.0:16
1333Bird, Hawk; Single Screech, Excited, Medium Close Perspective. [note: This Effect Has A Lot Of Out Of Phase Signal In It.].0:02
1334Single Coin Drops Onto Hard Surface, With Ring Off.0:18
1335Zipper 1.0:02
1336Waterfall, Medium 2: Very Rapid Fine Mist Roar.3:16
1337Fart 9; Wet Squish, Could Play For Impact Close Perspective.0:01
1338Werewolf Growls, Processed; Two Low Frequency Growls.0:07
1339Old Manual Metal Gate Rolls Slowly Open And Close With Thumps And Rattles.0:21
1340Whistle, Medium Perspective Fingers-in-mouth As When Whistling For A Cab.0:01
1341Drips, Slow And Small, Into Water In Reverberant Space.0:48
1342 PE-10 - Fights, Body Falls, Cracks, Whips
1343Drinking Fountain Running With On And Offs.0:25
1344Swish 9, Single.0:01
1345Gagged Woman Struggles To Yell Through Taped Or Covered Mouth, Close Perspective.0:14
1346Air Brake Hiss 2: Large Truck, Close Perspective.0:03
1347School Bus 2: Start Up, Emergency Brake Release Then Steady Through Gears With Rattles On A Bumpy Road. Slows To Stop; Interior Perspective.1:30
1348Dump Truck: Backs Up And Dumps Coal.0:13
1349Warning Buzzer, Space Alarm Type: Pulsing Buzzes At Medium Perspective With Reverb.0:28
1350Suspension Clunks, Interior: Car Driving On Rough Road.1:12
1351Cat; Purring, Very Close Perspective.0:12
13521983 V-6 Chevy Stick Shift: Start, Revs, Fast Acceleration, Then Decelerate. Accel And Decel A Few Times; City Driving. ( Segues To Fx 03. ) .1:36
1353Swish 6, Single.0:01
1354Soda Fizz.0:01
1355B0ttle Rocket 1: Piccolo Whistle And Large Burst. [special Mix].0:06
1356Wood Door 3: Open And Slam With Metal Latch Knob.0:04
1357Elevator Door Ding, Then Open 3. ( Segues To Fx 60 ) .0:19
1358Large Exterior Crowd Idle Ambience Or Grandstand: Busy Voices, Activity; Medium / Close To Distant Perspective.2:23
1359Phone Receiver Pick-up 1.0:01
1360Swish 5, Single.0:01
1361Ski Steady 5: With Maneuvers, Movement And Stop.0:30
1362Punch, Body Hit 1: With Thud.0:01
1363Car Crash, Small 2; Two Metal Impacts, With Crunches, Scrapes And Slight Rattle.0:03
1364Helicopter, Medium Close Perspective: Hovering Overhead With Slight Circling Motion.0:51
1365Jet Landing, Exterior Perspective: Jet In And Land Close With Tire Skids, By Left To Right.0:32
1366Low Frequency Synth Hum With Force Field Or Electric Energy Radiation Sound, Pulsating.0:22
1367Coins Being Poured On Hard Surface.0:05
1368Sigh, Heavy; Male, Inhale And Exhale, Close Perspective.0:03
1369Dog, Small; Angry Barks, Close Perspective.0:10
1370Object Being Squashed 1.0:01
1371Gas Stove Turn On, Ignite, And Turn Off.0:13
1372Bell Tower: Single Low-pitched Bell Toll Close With Long Ring-off. Classic Clock Tower Chime.0:30
1373Light Metal Wind Chimes Brushed Through Once.0:13
1374Bird, Rooster; Two Crows, Classic, Close Perspective.0:06
1375Dog, Large; Pants, Very Rapid, Close Perspective.0:33
1376Rotary Phone Dialing Generic Phone Number 1.0:16
1377Volkswagen Bug, Interior: Idle, Windows Up. Off At End.1:00
1378Gusts; Very Heavy Come And Go, Whipping Sand And Grass, With Ominous Moaning Wind.0:59
1379Grunt 7; Male, Strained Effort Or Punch Reaction, Close Perspective.0:01
1380Body Falls Off From Chair.0:02
1381Large Power Yacht Steady.2:00
1382Swish 26, Single.0:01
1383School Bell: Long Ring, Interior Hall, Close Perspective.0:10
1384Punch, Face Hit 1: Sharp Impact.0:01
1385Quick Pistol Cock.0:01
1386Small Group ( 10 ) Of Young Kids Shouting And Cheering, Exterior.0:34
1387Bubbles; Gurgling Up Of Big Slow Bubbles.0:15
138816mm Projector, Start, Steady And Off, With Wind Ups, Slow Downs And Machine Hum.0:44
1389Lincoln Town Car: In And Skid To Stop On Pavement With Small Tire Screech, 2.0:05
1390Swish 21, Electronic Swish.0:01
1391Ice Clinks In Glass Without Liquid 4.0:01
1392Aluminum Bat Hits Baseball With Natural Decay 1.0:01
1393Grunt 2; Male, With Exhale, Close Perspective.0:01
1394Single Sword Hit 3: Higher Pitched Than Fx 26 With Ring Out.0:02
1395Courtroom Or Church: Large Mixed Crowd Murmurs Very Quietly In Large Wide Hall; Close To Distant Perspective.1:57
1396Flanged Whoosh, Short.0:02
1397Helicopter Land Close And Wind Down.0:55
1398Windshield Wipers: Heavy Truck Slow Speed. Close Perspective.0:22
1399Bites; Three Crunchy Bites Into Hard Food ( Candy Or Nuts ) .0:05
1400Bullet Impact Sweetener 7, Into Dirt.0:01
1401Motorized Shop Tool, Lathe: Turn On, Steady And Off With Wind Down.0:40
1402Wooden Bat Drops Onto Dirt Surface 6.0:01
1403Swish 28, Single.0:01
1404Screams 4; Man, Gut-wrenching Scream And Fall Into Distance. Similar To Fx 44.0:06
1405Grocery Store: Light Activity With Shopping Carts Clatter, General Movement, Voices, Turnstile Entrance, Pa Page; Close And Distant Perspective.2:54
1406Puppies; High-pitched Whine And Whimpers, Close Perspective.0:37
1407Metal Trailer Door Slam With Slight Bounce 2.0:04
1408Foot Stomps Hard On Racquetball Court Floor With Reverberant Ring Out 3.0:03
1409Heart Beat, Slow: 63 Beats Per Minute.3:01
1410Lawnmower Engine, 3 1 / 2 Horsepower With Low R.p.m.'s, Medium Perspective, Steady, With Rotating Blades.0:46
1411Processed Air Release 2: Shorter Than Fx 47.[note: This Effect Has A Lot Of Out Of Phase Signal In It.].0:02
1412Body Falls Onto Wooden Floor 1.0:01
1413Birds, Chickens; Cackling, With Wing Flaps At Head Of Fx. Some Movement Throughout.0:47
1414Canoe Paddle Through Water.0:35
1415Zipper 7.0:02
1416Bell Tower: Medium-pitched Bell Tolls Five Times Slow, Medium Perspective. Classic Clock Tower Chime.0:38
1417Forest Ambience 1: Happy Light Bird Chirps / Calls Medium Distant. Flies Buzz By.2:59
1418Power Saw: Grinds In Long Burst Through Wood.0:23
1419Rotary Phone Dialing Generic Phone Number 2.0:14
1420Subway Train, Medium Perspective: In, Stop And Away With Air Brake Releases.1:08
1421Juicy Impact 5.0:01
1422Coffee Shop: Busy Restaurant Crowd Chatter With Dish Clatter, Cash Register Ring, Griddle Frying And Movement; Medium Perspective.3:46
1423Swish 25, Single.0:01
1424Low Hinge Creaks On Secretary Desk, Predominantly Wooden Sounding.0:39
1425Aluminum Bat Hits Baseball With Natural Decay 3.0:02
1426 PE-17 - Telephones, Cameras, Clocks
1427Large Flash Bulb, Low And Mid-range Pops With Slight Crackle. Can Be Used For Bug Squish.0:02
1428Helicopter, Close Perspective: Long In And By Overhead, Away.0:59
1429Medium Wind 3: Steady, Airy And Desolate Blowing Through Trees; Very Distant Bird.1:27
1430Moose; Calls And Raspy Honks, Close Perspective.0:08
1431Bullet Ricochet Off Wood Surface 2.0:03
1432Ice Clinks In Glass Without Liquid 3.0:01
1433Bull Whip Crack 2: Single.0:03
1434Oscillating, High Frequency, Multi-pitched Tones Rise And Fall 2.0:49
1435Gusts; Heavy Cold Wind, Howling Or Whistling With Swirling.1:00
1436Huge Interior Crowd ( Auditorium ) Applause That Becomes Louder With Cheers, Yells And Whistles.0:28
1437Black Powder Musket 5, Single Shot. Powerful With Lighter Powder Load, More Ring Off Than Fx 21.0:04
1438Wood Impact With Debris Fall.0:02
1439Gasping / Straining To Breathe; Male, Softly Choking, Close Perspective.0:10
1440Finger-licking And Lip Smacks, Medium Close Interior Perspective. ( As If After Eating Fried Chicken ) .0:22
1441Bird, Meadow Lark; Happy Chirps, Close Perspective.0:10
1442Door Knob Jiggle.0:15
1443Wood Door 6: Open And Slam.0:05
1444Rotary Phone Dial 9.0:02
1445Firecracker Explosions: Multiple.0:26
1446Drip, Single, Falls Into Liquid 1.0:01
1447Bone Break 3.0:01
1448Half Glass / Wood Door 4: Opens And Closes Quickly.0:04
1449Gasps 2; Woman, Close Perspective.0:01
1450Fart 5; A Squeaker Fart, Close Perspective.0:01
1451Automatic Machine Gun Rapid Fire With Distinctive Bolt And Band Action.0:05
1452Antique Fire Engine Or Cable Car Bell Clangs Close Perspective.0:35
1453Single Piece Of Wood Falls Onto Other Pieces Of Wood 2.0:02
1454Motorized Shop Tool, Sander ( Belt ) : Turn On Steady, And Off With Short Wind Down.0:26
1455River, Large 1: Fast Running With Wide Ambient Feel, Deep Roar.1:42
1456Gurney Being Wheeled Down Interior Hallway.0:46
1457Weed Eater With Fast R.p.m.'s. Few Starts And Stops.0:34
1458Swimming 2: Awkwardly Splashing / Swimming.0:43
1459Antique Timer Clicks. And Servo Whine.2:01
1460Doppler Car Horn By Approximately 35 Mph. High-pitched Horn.0:06
1461Metal Locker Door Opens And Closes Several Times With Bangs And Rattles.0:28
1462Doppler Car Horn By Approximately 40 Mph. Medium Pitched Horn.0:11
1463Electrical Sparking: Constant With Slight Rhythmic Pulsing.0:39
1464308 Mauser, Single Shot.0:06
1465Crash [special Mix] 12: Wood And Glass Impact With Wood Movement, Wood Bounce On Metal ( Car Hood ) .0:04
1466Trailer Door Open And Close.0:04
1467 PE-13 - Human Sounds
1468Bird, Vulture; Two Very Short Squawks, Close Perspective.0:03
1469Instamatic Flash Bulb, Thin Click And Sizzle.0:03
1470Model T Ford: In And By, Driven In Circles Several Times.1:43
1471Rain; Splattering In Gutter.1:54
1472Horses, Several; Whinnies And Hoof Steps, Various Perspectives.0:19
1473Windshield Wipers: Bmw Exterior, Modulating Servo Whine Light Thumps And Soft Scraping Sound Exterior, Close Perspective.0:12
1474Antique Camera Shutter Clicks And Winds 2.0:07
1475Futzed Operator Message: We're Sorry, It Is Not Necessary To Dial A One When Calling This Number....0:09
1476Power Yacht 2: Idle Steady, Few Accelerations And Decelerations, Slight Water Splashes. Large Twin Diesel Motors.1:28


  • Edited ByLon Bender, Wylie Stateman
  • Mastered ByJay B. Richardson
  • Mixed ByJay B. Richardson
  • ProducerThe Hollywood Edge
  • Recorded ByTod A. Maitland


The flagship sound effects collection of The Hollywood Edge is The Premiere Edition. If you are involved with any aspect of post - production, The Premiere Edition is for you. Spread across 20 CDs are the best sound effects, designed with the sound artist in mind. Many of The Premiere Edition sound effects run a full four minutes. With these variations of rainstorms and ambient nature sounds, you won't waste valuable time looping sounds. You'll also find many variations of the same effect, so your back is never against the wall with only one or two choices. Only the finest, most usable sound effects are meticulously edited and selected for release.

If the effect does not measure up to the most rigid standards for noise and usability, it is dumped and the entire process is begun from stage one, the original recording.

This assures you that every effect you need will be perfect for your project. Careful control during the recording process includes exact Mic selections for specific applications. Directional control during exteriors and professional sound staged recorded interiors bring an unparalleled sound that always adds to your finished products. You're not going to find any scratchy LP record sound effects here! Just look at the list below!

If you use sound effects, The Premiere Edition is a truly wise investment. An investment in career insurance. That's the EDGE in The Hollywood Edge!


It was first released on August 13, 1990. It happens to be one of the most popular general sound effects collections available. It physically consists of a collection of 20 CDs with 1,458 sound effects. PE-01 - Nature Ambiances. PE-02 - Animals. PE-03 - Wind. PE-04 - Water. PE-05 - Rain & Thunder, Fire, Bubbles. PE-06 - Planes & Trains. PE-07 - Cars. PE-08 - Traffic, Sirens, Motors, Busses. The Hollywood Edge PE01. The Hollywood Edge PE02. The Hollywood Edge PE03. His creative sound work has included multiple collaborations with Oliver Stone, John Hughes, Quentin Tarantino, Wolfgang Petersen, Herbert Ross, Cameron Crowe, Scott Frank, and Rob Marshall. 5 Votes: 155 Other Formats: VOX DXD AUD WMA VQF MOD MP2. 1 Forest Ambience 1: Happy Light Bird Chirps, Calls Medium Distant. Flies Buzz By. Andrew W. Close Calls With Brick Walls. The Magnetic Fields - Distant Plastic Trees. 1986 4-cylinder Sports Car: Long Deceleration From High Rpm With Down Shift. Slight Accel Then Slow To Idle With A Few Light Revs. Porsche: Start Close, Accelerate To Long Medium Speed 45 Mph Steady. Accelerate To Highway Steady 60 Mph At 1:45, Then Slow To Stop And Off. Лента с персональными рекомендациями и музыкальными новинками, радио, подборки на любой вкус, удобное управление своей коллекцией. More like this. The Premiere 1. 1K 1 Today. By LongStock . I thought the dress had a sort of retroglamour vibe so I thought it would be fun to use it in a red carpet kind of way. Rules are in my journal. Image size. 1, is up against films like Ford v Ferrari Donald Sylvester, Joker Alan Robert Murray, 1917 Oliver Tarney and Rachael Tate, and Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker Matthew Wood and David Acord. He now has nine Academy nominations under his belt, including nods for Inglourious Basterds and Django Unchained. writes with sound in mind, Stateman told me during a recent phone call. And so, from the very beginning, we understood this was gonna be driven by KHJ radio and the DJs of that era
You can choose from All The CDs from the library, Some CDs and/or One CD from the 20 CDs each! and you get the Premiere Edition PDF and no matter what you've had the sound library's products with the release of the effect was recorded into The Hollywood Edge's side!
King Crimson - In The Court Of The Crimson KingThe White Stripes - Get Behind Me SatanTraumprinz - DivaPink Floyd - Wish You Were HereThe Sundays - Reading, Writing And ArithmeticKanye West - The Life Of PabloBjörk - VulnicuraDeepchord - LanternsPaul Simon / Global Communication - Diamonds (Âme Private Edit) / Maiden Voyage (Ripperton Edit)Oasis - (What's The Story) Morning Glory?Paul McCartney And Wings - Nineteen Hundred And Eighty FiveMac DeMarcoIron Maiden - Iron Maiden##### - #####Weezer - WeezerThe Mars Volta - NoctourniquetBob Dylan - Blood On The TracksRun The Jewels - Run The JewelsJohnny Hallyday - Mon Pays C'est L'amourPleiadians - I.F.O. (Identified Flying Object)Cybotron - EnterVarious - Welcome To Paradise Vol. I: Italian Dream House 89-93Idles - BrutalismThe Cardigans - Gran TurismoJudas Priest - PainkillerMiles Davis - Kind Of BlueThe Jimi Hendrix Experience - Axis: Bold As LoveBone Thugs-N-Harmony - E. 1999 EternalAnimal Collective - Merriweather Post PavilionThe Mole People - Break Night / OceanJason Grove - Lost Cuts 1The Truper, The Sentinel - The Truper And Sentinel ProjectsRenee Geyer Band - Be There In The MorningInterstellar Funk - Caves Of SteelLady Gaga - ArtpopKowton - Whities 002Takuya Kuroda - Rising SonTim Maia - Racional Vol.1The Beta Band - The Three E.P.'smúm - Finally We Are No OneElliott Smith - XODave Matthews & Tim Reynolds - Live At Luther CollegeBassheads - Is There Anybody Out There?Four Tet - There Is Love In YouQueens Of The Stone AgeUnknown Artist - UntitledJS Zeiter - Untitled (1996) / Untitled (1997)Regina Spektor - Remember Us To LifeGoldfrapp - Felt MountainKrome & Time - This Sound Is For The Underground / Manic StampedeAhzz - New York's Movin'Nine Inch Nails - Year ZeroMetallica - MetallicaChaos In The CBD - Global ErosionKno - BonesVarious - We Are I.E.Aesop Rock - Labor DaysJeff Goldblum & The Mildred Snitzer Orchestra - The Capitol Studios SessionsEno - Here Come The Warm JetsKaleidoscope - Tangerine DreamRamos + Supreme - The Journey Part 1 / Crowd ControlMtume Umoja Ensemble - Alkebu-Lan - Land Of The Blacks (Live At The East)Gene Clark - No OtherHole - Live Through ThisNový Svět - RumorarmonioGalcher Lustwerk - Parlay EPBen Harper - Fight For Your MindSascha Dive - Deepest AmericaThe Men From Del Bosca - El-Bland-EDerrick May - The Mayday MixStevie Ray Vaughan & Double Trouble - Texas FloodAva Max - Sweet But PsychoThe Chameleon - LinksJohn Carpenter - Anthology (Movie Themes 1974-1998)Cher - BelieveDead Can Dance - DionysusWun Two - Baker's DozenSoichi Terada - Sumo JungleMichael Jackson - BadNirvana - IncesticideBlack Dog Productions - Black Dog Productions E.P.Sylvester - Down, Down, Down / Over And OverAl Dobson Jr. - Rye Lane VersionsUNKLESounds - Do Androids Dream Of Electric Beats?Jordan Rakei - CloakThe Fall - I Am Kurious OranjMr. Fingers - Mystery Of LoveBoards Of Canada - TwoismPlastikman - ConsumedAutechre - EnvaneAlex G - SALTSunn O))) & Ulver - TerrestrialsSunn O))) - White1Blink-182 - Dude RanchRob - RobVatican Shadow - Luxor Necropolitics33.10.3402 - LIES075Various - Scandinavian Swords IIOasis - The MasterplanThe Beatles - Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band